Shefali Bagga Talks About Her Career & Her Friendship With Shehnaaz Gill News

Shefali Bagga Talks About Her Career & Her Friendship With Shehnaaz Gill

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Time icon May 1, 2021   | Last Updated: May 26, 2024 at 8:51 AM

Shefali Bagga was a TV anchor and a journalist before she shot to fame with her participation in Bigg Boss season 13.

The reality show has given fame to a lot of struggling and establishing people. However, Bigg Boss has remained a constant turning point for celebrities’ success as they rise to fame. For Shefali, the show has given her a platform to be in front of the camera. She recently shot a music video called Bibi Bamb along with JSL Singh.

The influencer shared more details about her career plans during a recent interview. She shared she always wanted to become an actor when she was a child. The Bigg Boss alum added that she was a studious child and took up journalism to become an anchor. She said, “During my childhood, I wanted to become an actor. I was a very studious child and I took up journalism and became an anchor. It was after Bigg Boss 13 that new doors opened and I am trying my luck. While I was an anchor, I enjoyed my profession and had no plans at that time of venturing into acting. “

When asked if she misses her original profession which is journalism, she said she has been busy and it was her first job. She clarified that she does love anchoring too. Further, she shared more about her music videos as she described them as being “great” and she had a lot of fun.

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Shefali On Shenaaz and Rahul

The influencer further shared that the song has been released and is doing very good. She said, “It crossed 2.5 million in one day and now it has gone to 3 million! It has been receiving quite a good response. Apart from that, I am in talking terms with a director for a web series but the shoots are on hold due to government restrictions due to covid – 19. So once everything comes back to normal, we will start the project.”

Then she was asked about her friendship with Shehnaaz Gill. Shefali shared that she is in touch with her but cannot meet her. This is not because of any rivalry but because Shehnaaz is in Mumbai while Shefali is in Delhi. The influencer has previously talked about Shehnaaz after her eviction from season 13. She mentioned a fight with Shehnaaz as one of the most memorable points of her journey.

At that time, Shefali had said, “I really felt that I was being projected as the villain in the fight. What I did and said was not with the intention to hurt anyone. It was a reaction to something that was said to me. I never thought that it could have such a bad impact. But the moment I realised it, I apologised for my action.” However, it seems like both of them have moved on and are friends now.

The former journalist said, “I am in touch with Shehnaaz but cannot meet her as she is in Mumbai and I am in Delhi. But we are in talking terms.” She was then questioned about which music video she liked better among Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin or the one with Rahul Vaidya. The influencer shared that Rahul is her friend and she has always supported him for Bigg Boss 14 as well. So this makes her choice pretty clear.

Shefali said, “Well, Rahul is a friend and I have always supported him for Bigg Boss 14 too so it has to be Rahul!”

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