SG: Lisa, Megan Thee Stallion, DJ Snake, Ozuna Release Music Video Collab

The most anticipated collaboration of the year is here!

When Ozuna first hinted at working on songs with DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion, and Blackpink’s Lisa at the MTV Video Music Awards, fans were excited. Fans dubbed them SOLM, and on October 22 at 12 a.m. local time; they finally released their collaborative track ‘SG.’

Since October 21, fans have been hyping up the song, with certain cities receiving it earlier than others. DJ Snake, Ozuna, Lisa, and Megan, the musicians involved have not only recorded the song, but also co-wrote it.

Ozuna and DJ Snake previously collaborated on the popular tune ‘Taki Taki,’ which became an instant classic. Megan Thee Stallion is on a roll when it comes to collaborations, having collaborated with BTS on ‘Butter’ and Lisa from Blackpink on ‘SG.’ Lisa’s supporters, on the other hand, are overjoyed for her because this is her first solo project.

She was previously well-known for the phenomenal success of her solo debut, ‘Lalisa,’ which continues to set records and make history. When it was intimated that there might be a music video, fans of all four musicians were even more eager.

Despite the fact that they were unable to film together owing to the pandemic, the music video for ‘SG’ is nonetheless as ferocious as one may imagine. With so many different artists engaged, the song is a great blend of cultures; with Lisa and Megan lending their distinct voices to the Latin-infused groove.

Fans Support SxyGrl

Ozuna kicks off the song and music video with a Spanish verse while chilling in a neon-lit club with DJ Snake. We cut to scenes of Megan twerking in a pool and Lisa dancing, as well as shots of all four performers together; thanks to the wonders of a green screen. During the beat drop, the Blackpink star steals the show with her dancing break, which is followed by Megan’s rap, in which she references her hit songs like ‘Body.’

Fans have been using the hashtags #Sxygirl and #SOLM to show their support for the music video’s release. One fan tweeted, “Look at you, mi amor! ilysm, lisa ’til the sun comes up, i’ll be here with you, no lie, no lie, got me in the mood when it’s just us two, i’ll fly, i’ll fly!” Another posted, “Megan and Lisa definitely understands the assignment.” One Lisa fan commented, “This is what yg has been hiding, lisa’s killer vocals.”


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