Seventeen Garners 1.4 Million Pre-Orders As They Drop Sultry Music Video News

Seventeen Garners 1.4 Million Pre-Orders As They Drop Sultry Music Video

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October 22, 2021

Nobody beats Seventeen when it comes to dualism. For their summer release of the romantic album, Your Choice, which was all about young love, the popular K-pop boy group went for a lively and colourful approach.

It was part of their newest project, Power of Love, which examines various types of love. With their latest album, Attacca, and its title tune Rock With You; it appears that they are continuing the trend. From the seductive and rock-tinged concept photographs to the funky arrangement of Rock With You; the concept of this return is considerably different from that of Your Choice.

Seventeen was trending just before the album’s release for a variety of reasons; ranging from their dashing visuals during the album’s press conference to a hilarious mistake. Fans and non-fans alike were astonished; when a media page at the conference erroneously announced that the K-pop boy trio had crossed 4.1 million pre-orders.

They ended up trending it only for the page to correct themselves; and reveal that it was a typo and they meant to say that Seventeen had 1.4 million pre-orders. Nevertheless, this is an impressive feat that Carats (the fandom) are celebrating.

The music video for Rock With You begins with Joshua on top of a traffic signal; while the guitar rises, and we eventually dive into the rock song. As they sing about how they’d go to extreme measures for their love; such as penning a song to communicate their feelings, the males look trendy in leather, piercings; and grunge plaid clothing.

#1 In 15 Minutes After Release

Seungkwan and Jun lead the dance throughout the chorus of the bouncy song, which boasts an equally enjoyable choreography. Jun and The8 alias Minghao were also pleased to appear in the song video; as they are now in China and will not be able to join Seventeen for album promotion.

Rock With You debuted at #1 on Bugs within 30 minutes after its release; proving that the comeback is a smash hit. The title track opened at #11 and #12 on MelOn and Genie, respectively, and is expected to rise even higher.

It’s worth noting that 15 minutes after its release, the song was also #1 on MelOn’s 5-Minute Chart. All of Attacca’s other tracks have also charted in MelOn’s top 100. Even the currently hot music video for Rock With You has 1 million YouTube views an hour and a half after its release.

Carats have been trending Seventeen to hype up the release. They made tweets like, “SCOUPS SINGING THE BRIDGE FOR ROCK WITH YOU !!!!” “Dino lip piercing, joshua and wonwoo eyebrow piercing, hoshi eyebrow slit well f*ck,” and “YOON JEONGHAN YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR TONGUE INSIDE YOUR MOUTH.”