Selena Gomez Says All Her Exes Think She’s ‘Crazy’ News

Selena Gomez Says All Her Exes Think She’s ‘Crazy’

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Time icon September 9, 2020

Selena Gomez is unbothered about finding love in quarantine or about the opinions of her exes.

The singer recently collaborated with NikkieTutorials in a 33-minute long video about going glam. The collaboration was posted on Sunday, September 6. The makeup mogul and Selena chatted about her new beauty line, love life, and much more.

People are praising NikkieTutorials and Selena Gomez for filming their  collaboration YouTube video with social-distancing measures in place |  Business Insider India

Selena was all praise about her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, who she revealed would be the person who does her makeup on her wedding. However, she said it is never going to happen. While Nikkie tells Selena to take that back, the singer says it is hard in quarantine. Although she clarified that this is not an invitation either.

The Rare Beauty founder said it is funny because she releases songs like ‘I Want a Boyfriend’. However, she says she does not mean it because boys are a lot of work. Nikkie echos her emotions and tells her to not say that to her own boyfriend. The singer says Nikkie’s boyfriend will be fine and that all her exes think she is crazy.

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Selena was dating Justin Bieber on-and-off from 2011 until their March 2018 split. A source had revealed at the time that Selena started seeing the bigger picture when it came to their relationship. By the end, the Rare Beauty founder chose happiness.

Later a source had revealed that she was extremely happy to have closed the chapter associated with Justin. However, Justin chose to get married to Hailey Baldwin, whom he had started dating just a few months after his breakup from Selena.

“I Want People To Think Of Me Like A Good Person”

Selena Gomez Told NikkieTutorials That All Of Her Exes Think She's "Crazy,"  And OMG

Selena also had a high-profile and a very public relationship with The Weeknd. She dated him for almost ten months before going back to date, Justin. Earlier this year, a source revealed that The Weeknd and Selena have no bad blood and they ended their relationship while keeping things cordial.

The Rare Beauty founder also talked about not wanting to be defined by the relationships she has been in. She does not want to be a famous person who did this and that. In her rather candid collaboration with Nikkie, the singer revealed that when people think of her, she wants them to think she is a good person.

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Previously, Selena has talked about her relationships in her cooking show, Selena + Chef. She revealed on the show that she does not care about people’s opinions. However, the singer clarifies she has worked so hard to get where she is and she does not want to be defined as a person who dated that person.

She said, “When people think of me … do they just think of me as, ‘Oh, that girl who was with that person’ and that’s it? I would be devastated if people think that because I’ve worked so hard to not be that but to be, you know … Sorry, I’m getting emotional.”

Selena Gomez says all of her ex-boyfriends think she's 'crazy': 'I don't  care' | Business Insider

Selena launched her Rare Beauty brand earlier this month and celebrated the milestone with a message on social media. The singer posted a cute picture of her and her dog with some balloons. She shared, “SO EXCITED though I wish we could celebrate in person. Thank you to my amazing team at @rarebeauty and our community! This is just the beginning!!!”

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