Selena Gomez Reveals What She Has Been Doing While Social Distancing

Selena Gomez recently revealed in an Instagram TV that she is going to be more involved and let her fans know what she has been upto.

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And Selena stood upto the promise that she made and gave us a glimpse on what she has been doing while in quarantine. She took to her social media to post a picture of her in her new house. The singer captioned it saying she is learning guitar and settling into her new house.

Selena posted a picture of herself along with her guitar, sitting by the window of her house. She was donning a comfortable outfit which included lounge pants and a tank top. The Rare Beauty creator was sitting comfortably in a pink velvet armchair.

Selena bought the new house from music legend, Tom Petty. It was custom built by the musician and his wife. The estate spans over 11,000 square feet and boasts six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, according to the outlet.

Selena Gomez took a brief break from social media after her 28th birthday last week. But she returned to send a heartfelt message to her fans and explained the reason why she hasn’t been active. The singer shared a video on her social media platform with the caption ‘a message from me’ and added a heart emoji. She posted it on a Wednesday evening and started sharing how she has been inactive.

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Selena said she wanted to take some time to do a quick message because she hasn’t been active lately. She expressed to her fans how much she loves and misses them. The singer also mentions that there are few exciting things that are coming up.

She explained why she hasn’t been posting much lately. Selena said with everything that is going on, she felt it will be insensitive to post things that might be joyful. The actress said it was hard for her to do that. She assured her fans that she has been taking time to learn about everything that is going on. However, the singer says she continues to make it her priority.

Selena said she wants to let her fans know that she will be more involved and send love. She also promised to show some of her personal stuff that she has been doing. The actress thanks her fans for their support throughout all this time. ‘But, thank you for being here, and thank you for supporting me always and I will talk to you soon,’ Gomez concluded.


The actress recently turned 28 on Wednesday. She announced that her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, will help connect under-served communities. She is referring to access to mental health services in these communities.


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