Scream 5 Has Multiple Scripts & Endings To Stop Spoilers & Leaks

The Scream franchise has dealt with a lot of threats of spoilers which give away the major plot twists before the premiere of the movie. However, this time, the creators have a plan to stop those spoilers.

For the upcoming fifth installment of the franchise, there will be multiple versions of the script which will be circulated. On top of that, there are various edits of the movie as well as cuts that contain different endings. This was reported by Bloody Disgusting this week as the studio behind Scream 5 confirmed the reports.

The upcoming venture was shot last year amidst the ongoing pandemic and the delays that came with it. It is now said to premiere in January 2022. Only a few cast and crew are actually aware of how the movie will actually end. The first installment of the Scream franchise was released back in 1996. After this, the slasher series attracted a massive fan base.

The sequel to the first Scream movie was released the next year itself. But Scream 2 was the one that experienced the threat of spoilers as the killer/s had a risk of being leaked. The production hit a major obstacle when the original ending was leaked online. It was written by screenwriter, Kevin Williamson. In the venture, there were around 4 killers including Mrs. Loomis, Cotton Weary, and Sidney Prescott. Mrs. Loomis was the mother of Scream 1 killer Billy and Cotton was the man heroine Sidney Prescott wrongly accused of murdering her mother.

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The Threat of Spoilers For Scream Franchise

In the draft, they joined forces with Sidney’s college boyfriend, Derek, and her roommate Hallie. When the identity of the killers was leaked, the studio behind the film had ordered rewrites. Back in 2017, Kevin had revealed that the Hallie and Derek ending was a “dummy draft”. He also said that he had written several other versions as well.

“The studio was determined to keep the plot details under wraps,” he said. “They were worried the killer’s identity would be leaked, so we wrote several endings. Three in all, if memory serves.” He further added that when actors and potential crew members asked to read the script, they would send the script with the dummy ending.

Kevin also teased that another fake version of the ending was circulating. In that, the series hero Sheriff Dewey Riley was the killer. The character has played the star of all the movies from Scream 1-4 and he is returning for Scream 5 as well. However, the final version of the movie saw Derek and Hallie being killed off. Cotton had survived for the third installment of Scream and Mrs. Loomis disguised herself as a local reporter Debbie Salt.

In the third installment, it centered around the production of Stab 3. It was another fictional franchise within a franchise on which the life of Sidney was based. As it was set in Hollywood, there were various in-jokes and nods to the leaks around Scream 2 which were included in the storyline.

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Scream 5 Will Bring Old & New Characters

The movie saw a new killer who killed off the cast in the order that they died in the script. But one of the issues faced while filming this was there were multiple versions of the screenplay. This was in order to avoid spoilers on the internet. In the screenplay, there was a different order of deaths that occurred. Scream 4 was released in 2011 and had a similar behind-the-scenes drama.

Kevin was brought in to write this chapter of the series after having to hand it to Ehren Kruger for Scream 3. This transition was something fans have always been unhappy about. But Williamson’s Scream 4 draft was amended by Kruger during production – although it’s never been totally clear what was changed.

Wes Craven who was the franchise director had ordered re-shoots after Scream 4 wrapped filming. He re-shot the first kill and changed parts of the scene which involved Sidney’s assistant Rebecca in a hospital car park. The opening scene originally saw the character of Jenny killed in front of Marnie, with Marnie stabbed next after trying to escape through the hallway.

However, the revised version had Marnie being killed off-screen and thrown through a window. Jenny attempts to escape but is caught by the killer and murdered. Scream 5 will see Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox return to their roles from the original four movies and adds Jack Quaid, Jenna Ortega, and Dylan Minnette to the new cast. Also set to return are Scream 3’s Heather Matarazzo, Scream 4’s Marley Shelton, and ‘the voice’ actor Roger L Jackson. 

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