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Salman Khan Shares his Intention Behind Releasing Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai Amidst Second Wave Of COVID

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit India more painfully than the first wave in 2020.

Apparently with the onset of the second wave, cinema halls and many other businesses were shut down to prevent the spread of the virus.

May 13 Release

While the filmmakers decided not to release their film in the midst of the pandemic, celebrity Salman Khan instead chose to stick to the film release schedule on May 13.

During a collaboration with a group of journalists in Mumbai, Salman talked about the film’s effect in numerical terms.

Salman Khan is the tiger of box office and his films are known for fetching records when it comes to numbers. Under normal circumstances, Radhe, too, would see the same shattering box office performance.

However, as theaters closed in many parts of India at the time of Radhe’s release, we would see a completely different trend.

‘We Would Lose Money On Radhe’

“We may get the lowest numbers with Radhe. It might not even cross 10-15 crores but whoever wants to be happy with this lowest number they can be happy.” Salman Khan said.

He further added that “Some people will be happy with my lowest numbers while some people will be happy with my highest numbers. The lowest numbers are going to be Radhe. We would lose money on Radhe and box office collections are going to be almost zero but we are still going ahead with Radhe. My life’s ambition was 10 lakh rupees. It will come with nothing, it will go with nothing so whatever this is, it is much more than plus.”

At the beginning of the year when the celebrity promised the release of a film in theatre as things looked better and more hopeful. No one expected the greatest destruction was yet to come by the second wave of the coronavirus.

Intention Behind The Release

Speaking about releasing the film at this time, Khan said, “So, the reason why we are doing this film is to support the theatre owners but the theatres again got shut. But, we decided- what is the fault of the fans who wanted to go and see the film? So, now in a crucial time like this, when people are dying, people are not getting oxygen, medication and over that, a Salman Khan film comes and they are going to go to see that film in the theatre,with that extra amount of money… that is not happening.

So, you get to see the film at a bare minimum cost with your whole family. We will bear the loss but at a time like this, people who have lost their loved ones and they want to get out of that zone, they can watch Radhe. If not now, I want it later.

People who are at home would like to watch some entertainment, something that will uplift them. So that is my intention behind it. My biggest intention is that you don’t have to spend that kind of money to go and watch the film in the theatre now.”

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