Safaree Samuel And Erica Mena To End Their Two Years Old Marriage News

Safaree Samuel And Erica Mena To End Their Two Years Old Marriage

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Time icon May 25, 2021

Erica Mena officially plans to end her ‘broken’ marriage with her husband Safaree Samuels while she is pregnant with their second child.

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena is pulling the plug on her marriage to Safaree Samuels after less than two years together, according to documents obtained by HollywoodLife, on the grounds that their union was “irreparably broken.”

Divorce Papers Filed

Erica, 33, who is currently pregnant with their second child, filed papers on May 21 in Georgia’s Fayette County Superior Court, where the couple now live with their one-year-old daughter, Safire.

Erica asks for Sapphire’s primary care. After the birth of their child, Erica wants to share the right of both children with Safaree, “and to have the final say in law enforcement matters.”

She also applied for a child support grant and was “willing to have the only use” for the home they currently live in, “according to the documents. Currently, Erica and Safaree are legally separated even though they live together.

Couple Fights

Their separation comes three months after a round of fights between the couple.

In February, Safaree in a deleted tweet said she was “leaving” their marriage and called marriage “her biggest mistake”.

Erica retorted, “Since you always run to social media like a little girl I might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this. You are the most selfish, vain and inconsiderate person. And not just with me but your only daughter!” The couple made up eventually, and Erica recently defended her marriage in an exchange with Wendy Williams.

Erica Defends Her Marriage

After Wendy said during Hot Topics in her show that Erica and Safaree must “grow up” and stop fighting, Erica threatened Wendy on Twitter.

“@WendyWilliams This time let’s connect so I can hit your ass,” Erica said after the show was shown.

Everything was quiet on the Erica and Safaree side until this shocking development. But divorce rumors have plagued the couple for as long as they have been together.

Things Get Worse

In November, Safaree threatened to divorce.

He captioned a photo of himself standing next to a Rolls Royce, “BACHELOR!! Ending 2020 right!!” He tagged the TV show Divorce Court in the post, and tweeted “biggest regret,” “pathetic,” and thanked Steve Jobs for inventing the “block” feature on iPhones. One day later, he backtracked and apologized to Erica on Instagram

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