Ryan Reynolds narrates Hugh Jackman’s Hilarious New Laughing Man Coffee Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are back at it. This time they’re reuniting for a coffee commercial.

On Tuesday morning, Jackman shared the new ad for his Laughing Man Coffee Company, for which he enlisted the help of his well known frenemy, Ryan Reynolds. The commercial chronicles a contentious day in the life of the Oscar-nominated actor in a way we’ve never seen him before – being a jerk.

“This is Hugh Jackman,” Reynolds says at the top of the clip over a shot of Jackman waking up to a blaring alarm clock which he decides to violently throw across the room.

Hugh jackman

The commercial further unfolds via a series of contradictions. Reynolds proceeds to describe Jackman as a “noted humanitarian,after which the ad cuts to a clip of the Wolverine actor telling kids playing on the street to shut up.

Ryan then calls Hugh a “goodwill ambassador,” as he curses out an adorable dog. Reynolds also describes Jackman as an “eternal optimist,” cue Jackman staring furiously at a blank wall while death-metal music blares in the background.

Hugh Jackman coffee 1

Lastly, the Deadpool star calls Jackman, the founder of Laughing Man Coffee. “The coffee company that donates 100% of Hugh’s profits to fair-trade farmers and brews the exceptional flavor.”

Reynolds then notes, as Hugh takes a sip of his Laughing Man, that the coffee is also “100% responsible” for transforming his peer into “the Hugh Jackman we know and love.” Cutting to a clip of Jackman adorably cuddling his doggo near the end of the commercial. Which finishes off with Reynolds calling Laughing Man “the nicest f—-ing coffee on earth.” Hilariously adding, “Dog not included.”

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“Clearly, you’re not a morning person”

Jackman took to his social media sharing the ad with his fans, which he captioned, “An honest glimpse into a day in my life.” In the comments under his Instagram video, Ryan poked fun at Hugh again, writing, Clearly, you’re not a morning person. Afternoons and evenings aren’t amazing for you either. ☕️”


Reynolds also got to his Twitter video, where he trolled the actor, tweeting, “You sleep with the wig on?”

Hugh established Laughing Man in 2011 to provide a marketplace for farmers in developing countries to sell their goods to customers in America.

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This isn’t Reynolds’ first commercial for Laughing Man Coffee

The Reynolds and Jackman feud/friendship has been going on for years, with the actors trolling each other back and forth at various instances, and their fans are all up for it.

Coincidentally, this isn’t Ryan’s first ad for Laughing Man Coffee. In February 2019, the two stars revealed that they had called a truce and agreed to help make ads for each other’s brands. Reynolds’ Aviation Gin and Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee.

Reynolds’ commercial for the coffee company ended up being quite heartfelt, emotional and sincere. Whereas, Jackman just had a few choice words about the gin owner.


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