Rumours Of MrBeast's Sexuality Arises After Viral TikTok Video

Rumours Of MrBeast’s Sexuality Arises After Viral TikTok Video

MrBeast is famous for his giveaways and titular burger restaurant, MrBeast Burger. He is now speculated to be pansexual after a viral TikTok video.

This comes after various videos on MrBeast’s channel saw colours of the pansexual flag. We know you need proof and there are few. In the video titled, Going Around A Ferris Wheel 1,000 Times Straight, two of his friends chuck a stuffed animal from their seat on the Ferris wheel. It then switches to the toy flying between two pink, yellow and blue flags.

His fans believe that he might be hinting at his sexuality. MrBeast has never confirmed nor denied any rumours circulating around his sexuality. Many users have been speculating about his sexuality with limited evidence. The YouTuber is currently dating Maddy Spidell, who is a digital marketing executive.

Back when their relationship was revealed, she explained that she was not dating the influencer for his popularity. Many users online do think MrBeast uses the colours pink, yellow and blue for many marketing techniques. Even his Instagram icon which includes his restaurant’s colours uses the same shades.

The colours on the pansexual flag have been equally distributed for various genders. But MrBeast inclines more towards blue with yellow and pink as accent colours. This did not stop fans from wondering what his sexuality is. A user commented that he just saw a TikTok comment that said the YouTuber cannot be pan because he is a Christian.

Another user wrote, “Okay I hope people know that pushing a label on people is really weird. Even if mr beast said he’d date based on personality he never said ‘I’m pan.’ Like why are people pushing labels on him is like genuinely really weird.” Meanwhile, another user also asked why people have to label everything.

The user added that MrBeast did say a few years back that he will date anybody based on personality. However, the user stated that he has not labelled himself which is why people should not go around spreading rumours. They further stated that the YouTuber could have changed or meant it in a heterosexual context.

All the confused fans took to Twitter to express their shock and excitement about the rumours. MrBeast has not commented or explained any of his previous statements. Either way, he will be loved by his fans.

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