Ross Pomerantz as Corporate Bro – The Ultimate Casting

Are you a working class American? Are you feeling stuck in the corporate world with no emotional escape? If this is the case, Corporate Bro is just what you need. Bringing both unique corporate humor and relatable experiences to the forefront, the Corporate Bro team might be just what you’re looking for. Ross Pomerantz, the man behind the Corporate Bro persona, is a salesman by trade. He’s an ambitious entrepreneur with an MBA from Stanford whose journey started in Silicon Valley. Working at the tech giant Oracle, Pomerantz was a piece of the corporate machine where he made thousands of cold-calls and used his sharp wit to entice enterprise companies to buy software. But, his job in sales didn’t fully satisfy him; he needed a creative outlet. Something to shed light on his ridiculous worklife and bring laughter to the faces of his coworkers and friends. Thus, Corporate Bro was born. 

Initially posting his content to the former social media platform, Vine, Pomerantz found himself accumulating a small base of fans. However, it became apparent that Vine was trending downward, and nothing was going to stop the eventual collapse of the platform. When he moved Corporate Bro to Instagram, that’s where Pomerantz and his team began to gain traction – an article written by Grandex Media turned their slow growth into a new and excited audience. 

And the allure of Corporate Bro’s story is that in his real life, Pomerantz is a Corporate Bro. For a period of time, he was filming videos during his workday – unbeknownst to his upper management – and would grab opportunities to create content whenever he could: lunch, evenings, even during other people’s meetings. 

But as his fan base grew over time, Corporate Bro couldn’t fly solo for much longer. Pomerantz brought on a team of friends and family, or Sales Savages as they’re called now. Joining him first was his brother Win, the manager in most of Corporate Bro’s videos, followed by Pomerantz’ coworker Matt McDonald, and writer Ben Gould. Together, they spend hours writing and producing videos for Instagram and YouTube every week, and they haven’t missed a week of content in years. 

After years of grinding for real sales and fake sales, Ross Pomerantz, as Corporate Bro, is on an exponentially growing upward climb. With over one hundred and thirty thousand followers on Instagram, and thousands of subscribers on YouTube, Corporate Bro is amassing fans and support around the globe. Their videos consistently hit over 50,000 views, with as many as 500,000, and Corporate Bro’s success has given Pomerantz and his team a platform to expand. 

The Bro squad now sells a wide variety of Corporate Bro merchandise on their website and through social media, and will even offer in person comedy to the real people of the corporate world.

Ross Pomerantz has not only found an outlet for his own frustration with the corporate world, but a global stage where he can display his authentic thoughts. Catering content to the working class of America, Corporate Bro is well on its way to becoming a household name.