Rishi Anand Acharya aka Lil he77 hits bigtime!

Rishi Anand Acharya aka Lil he77 is indeed a rising star who with his rapping skills has become popular at a very young age. He is an American citizen with Indian roots, and has made his fans crazy with his rapping music and style. He did his schooling in Chapel Hill High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He realized his passion for music when he was in high school and started writing music and rapping since then as it was his way of freedom, “it was a way for me to express my feelings, thoughts and I realized what I was writing wasn’t that bad so I decided to pursue it,” says Lil he77. He was influenced by people who become successful by rapping and he knew that he had a basic understanding of rhyming and wordplay. Indeed, he can rap well which he enjoyed doing most times and decided that he wants to go after it.

Lil he77’s inspiration is J. Cole (Jermaine Lamarr Cole) who is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer who started to rap at a young age of twelve. His mentor being Jain The Jeweler, who introduced him to many of the bigger Atlanta artistes and made him believe in himself that he can be what he aspires to be. In his single “See Me,” he first collaborated with Coca Vango, who was first recognized in Atlanta’s rap scene for his Jugg Rich mix tape series. He worked hard and made his name in the world of music by giving his best rap songs like Lie On Me, Spirit Of Ecstasy, Tesla, Stepped Out, etc. He has an ever-increasing fan list and has over 1,820,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.
With all good that is happening to him now is because of the bad that he had faced when he started off with rapping a year ago. Everyone has their hardships, so does Lil he77. “My parents were apprehensive when I first started rapping, while I was getting suspended and getting into trouble, they were worried if I was on the right path. My mother has been my pillar of strength and support and it is her unflinching faith in me that goads me to work harder to achieve my goals. My mom is my Rock of Gibralter!” says Lil he77, who has carved a place for himself and is on his way to become great one day just as his favorite quote “I studied the greats, I’m the greatest right now.” by J. Cole. The quote, he confesses, inspires him to keep believing and working hard towards his goals.