Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Talk Skincare, Their Beauty Icons in Candid New Video News

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Talk Skincare, Their Beauty Icons in Candid New Video

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Time icon August 27, 2020

Rihanna opens up about why she wants to see more representation in the beauty industry after releasing her new skincare line, Fenty Skin. The singer also shared a few of her skincare secrets in a new Vogue video along with A$ap Rocky.

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The duo asked each other candid rapid-fire questions about almost everything. A$ap is one of the models for Rihanna’s Fenty Skin. Rihanna joked that her skin type is as complicated as men. She added that men say women are complicated when reality it is the other way around.

The Fenty founder talked about the journey her skin has been all these years and how it has transformed. “Started from acne for sure all the way to sensitivity and melasma and being a Black woman with not knowing I need to use SPF. I’ve learned a lot,” she said. When Rihanna asked A$ap what his skin is like, he gushed saying it is handsome.

Talking about the things that should change in the beauty industry, RiRi said she wishes the leaders of the industry were diverse. She added if the pioneers were people who understood the culture and experienced negligence in the industry. The singer explained, “I feel like there are so many voids to be filled and we will only know that by the pioneers that have experienced those voids, and the lack of their representation in the industry.”

A$ap also agreed to Rihanna and echoed her emotions in another video that they did for GQ. He expressed his wish for more versatility and diversity. He said, “I think it’s kinda trying to evolve especially with a person like yourself. But I do wish that there was way more versatility.”

“Men love their skin and they take care of it”

A$ap also opened up about how he had no beauty icon while growing up. He said the concept of beauty has never been instilled in men as it has on women. Rihanna has gender-neutral products on her new skincare line, Fenty Skin.

“Men love their skin and they take care of it but they feel obligated almost to only use products that are for men because anything beyond that seems like it’s just too feminine,” Rihanna said. The singer also revealed that most of what she and her siblings learned about beauty and skincare, comes from their mother.

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“My entire concept of beauty came from her. I wanted to dress like her and wanted to look like her. Also, I wanted to do my hair like her. I wanted to do my makeup like her,” Rihanna said. She also revealed that her mother and brothers needed their nails filed. The skincare founder said, “My mother was that kind of woman and I think I’ve kind of adopted that point of view from her.”

Rihanna uploaded a YouTube video, days before the launch of her Fenty Skin line. In the video, she explains the inspiration behind it and why it is a must-have for all skin types.

The singer says her skincare routine has been very complex. She unveiled the three-piece skincare collection earlier this month. Rihanna revealed that she gets skin fatigue from traveling. She explains that some parts of her skin are dry and some parts are oily.

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Rihanna Says Fenty Skin Was a Challenge

The Fenty creator further said that her skin is super sensitive and chile now that she is in her 30s. She explains that creating Fenty Skin was a challenge because she felt a sense of responsibility. She felt she had to cover the bases and think of several skin types that are out there.

“But y’all know I love a good challenge,” said Rihanna. Talking about the inspiration behind it, Rihanna said it was all about creating that foundation. She explained whether people have to wear light or heavy makeup, there is always a foundation underneath. That is the inspiration for Fenty Skin.

Rihanna further said when she wanted to create products for her line, she wanted those products to really work on every skin. She also explains that she wanted those products to consist of the best ingredients while being cost-efficient.

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The singer lives by a mantra that when it comes to skincare, there are a lot of products that you need. She suggests people look for products that isolate the ingredients that are worth the money they spend. Rihanna said, “I wanted to make [products] that are better than anything I have ever used and everything I have ever encountered and everything that is on the market that has confused me.”

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