Right From US Zoo, Gorillas Are Showing Blockage, Hacking Subsequent To Testing Positive For Covid

The San Diego Zoo in the U.S. state of California said authorities began to pay attention when two members of the ‘Gorilla Troop’ began to cough. Samples taken from the monkeys tested were found to contain Covid-19 on January 8.

More than 10 months after the leopard at the Bronx Zoo in New York was tested and found Covid-19, similar reports have been reported from the US. In what appears to be the first case, two gorillas were found in San Diego Zoo Safari Park infected with the novel coronavirus.

The San Diego Zoo, released by the media on Monday, said authorities began paying attention when two members of the ‘Gorilla Troop’ started coughing. Wild samples collected from monkeys were sent to the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System (CA-HFS) and tested.

According to the report, tested samples are available from Covid-19 on January 8. The same was confirmed by the US Department of Agriculture (National Animal Veterinary Services Laboratories) (NVSL) on Monday.

Affected gorillas do well without crowding and coughing. The director general of San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Lisa Peterson said, “The army lives alone and eats and drinks. We hope we will recover completely.”

Currently, a third gorilla also has symptoms but has never been tested for the virus. Since these animals live together, zoo officials are under the impression that all animals could be infected. The San Diego Zoo has been closed to the public since December last year.

All the gorillas at the Zoo are “carefully monitored” while a team of veterinarians are caring for the two monkeys who have already been diagnosed with Covid-19 but there appear to be no other symptoms. Officials have yet to determine whether gorillas are likely to catch the infection in an invisible Zoo.


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