Reza Abbaszadeh Explains How He Ventured Into Business And Became A Successful Millionaire

Every person’s dream is to become rich and run a business worth in millions. Today’s world is run by entrepreneurs who have made their name in the business world. Reza Abbaszadeh is one such influential name who is popularly known as the ‘Youngest Iranian Businessman’ with an estimated net worth of 7 million dollars at a very young age of 21. While people of his age are busy partying and hanging out with their friends, this young man is redefining richness in the truest sense. A self-made millionaire, philanthropist and an exceptional business strategist, he is the chairman of Digital Treasury, an investment banking platform which has 9 privately held businesses with a combined sales of more than €60 million annually. Right from exotic cars to private jets, he is living a life everyone can just dream of.

While speaking to Reza, read what he has to say about living such a lavish lifestyle, his definition of success and much more. Check out his interview below:

Q: How did you get started in your business? Was that something you always want to do?

A: Building your own business is something that never stops. Of course, it is more challenging when you first start your business. When I was in medical school, I just pondered a lot and I understood that I am not in the right way. I was more passionate about benefits and marketing so I started my sales business. And it was not just about the power of persuasion, of course, if you can persuade people to buy your product or use your services, it is more beneficial for you. But for me and for my firm, we are focusing on something more important. It is “Supply and Demand”. We are providing people with demand and then taking advantage of supplying them. This is how we work and earn revenues.

Q: If you have to describe your accomplishments in one word how would you describe it?

A: A great question actually. I would have to say “dedicated” would describe me the best in my business lifestyle and yes actually I am dedicated to getting the job done and delivering on time. Honestly, all the goals that I have ever had were because of the dedication that helped me. I started my first business as a sales supervisor and then as a stockbroker and now as a business owner. All happened with the help of dedication. Actually, this is kinda the fuel for my engine.

Q: How would you describe your biggest joy and fear in life?

A: I think the greatest joy that I can mention is travelling. I like travelling, meeting new people and tasting new food. It is kind of bringing me new ideas to my businesses and I can tell you more than half of my clients have been found during my trips to different countries. But the fear I think is letting my family, friends and my employees down because it is kinda failure for me that I can experience, and it cannot be repaired you know.

Q: How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated?

A: Having motivation and being inspired is something that you need to have a reason and my job is to create that reason. But reasons are coming from a list of wishes and all I need to do is just to create gameplay. From my goals, I always fantasise what I really want to have in my life and this is really helping me that I need to get my goals with proper planning. I always remember that I have many people whom I need to prove wrong with my work.

Q: How do you define success?

A: For me, I remember my first success was when I could make my first million. Then I went on to make millions of dollars that was my second, third and fourth success that I could experience and now I just want to have peace in my life and just help people to grow their businesses because if they can grow their businesses, I also can grow my business.