Renowned Qawwal Ghulam Farid Sabri Remembered On His 27th Death Anniversary News

Renowned Qawwal Ghulam Farid Sabri Remembered On His 27th Death Anniversary

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Time icon April 5, 2021

The widely acclaimed member of the Sabri Brothers Qawwali group, Ghulam Farid Sabri’s 27th death anniversary was observed on April 5.

Qawwal Ghulam Farid passed away due to a heart attack in 1994 while he was being transported to the hospital. His brother, who was also a part of the Qawwal group, Maqbool Ahmed Sabri was right next to him at the time of his death.

There were over 35,000 people present at the funeral of Ghulam Farid Sabri. Indeed, it was the loss of an entire nation. There was gloom and sadness in every corner of the country at the time of his last rites.

Early Life

Ghulam Farid Sabri is the grand child of ‘Mehboob Baksh Ranji’ who was known as the ruler of Music.

The late Ghulam Sabri was being trained under his father, also a qawwal, Inayst Sabri in the early days of his career. His career began at the tender age of 16 with his debut performance being in the the city of Kalyana in India at the urs of Mubarak Shah.

Born in 1930 and shifting to Pakistan post-partition, Ghulam Farid Sabri enjoyed the pinnacle as the front runner being Pakistani Qawwal Legend.

Contributions In Qawwali

Ghulam Sahab’s relentless and heart felt service to the Pakistani qawwali scene is highly revered to date.

The most famous kalaam of Sabri’s are Mera Koi Nahin Hai Tere Siwa, Bhardo Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad, Sarela Makan Se Talab Hui, Taajdar-e-Haram and Saqiya Aur Pila.

He was a prominent part of the Sabri Brothers Qawwali group which was honoured with the Pride of Performance award by the President of Pakistan in 1978.

Ghulam Farid was also a poet and wrote some famous qawwalis which were sung by him and his brothers, including Aawe Mahi and Auliyao’n Ke Maula Imam Aaye Hai

Death Anniversary

Every year on April 5 , there are tributes paid to the late legend. Schools, public places and music lovers all unite to express gratitude to his selfless service to the Music community and cherish his outlier-like skills.

Ghulam Farid Sabri was also awarded the Charles De Gaulle Award by Charles de Gaulle in the year 1983.

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