Reddit Posts Celebrate ‘Hero’ Brian Laundrie & Calls Him ‘Innocent Victim’ News

Reddit Posts Celebrate ‘Hero’ Brian Laundrie & Calls Him ‘Innocent Victim’

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October 2, 2021

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know the shocking case of influencer Gabby Petito. Many people sympathized with her and her family and they are praying that her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie will be caught soon.

Gabby had gone away with her boyfriend, Brian for a cross-country trip before being murdered. Many users online are trying to solve the case so that Gabby gets justice but believe it or not, there are also people who believe Brian is “innocent”.

Reddit groups have described the accused as “innocent” as they support or celebrate him. The vlogger went on a trip with Brian in July and her boyfriend came back to his North Port, Florida home on September 1st. However, he wasn’t accompanying Gabby and refused to tell anyone about where she was. He even hired a lawyer to shut down all the allegations or any attempts made by the police to talk to him.

Gabby’s family reported her missing on September 11 and a search operation was conducted. But that ended tragically as the vlogger’s remains were found on September 19 inside a national park in Wyoming. Brian became a “person of interest” in the case but his parents reported him missing days after.

Eventually, there was an arrest warrant against him as he spent $1,000 from a debit card that belonged to Gabby. The accused is still missing but there are several Reddit posts that are supporting Gabby and talking about the case. Subreddit r/GabbyPetito has more than 135,000 members but some think that Brian is the victim as well as the hero.

Brian Laundrie Gains Supporters On Reddit

A subreddit called, r/FriendsofBrian, includes a post that read, “BRIAN LIVES MATTER”. Another post said that no form of domestic abuse is okay and they stated Gabby as the domestic abuser. Further, the post read that Brian was a strong person to disclose how Gabby abused him and it is not easy.

Another bizarre theory stated that Gabby killed Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner. The post added that Brian tried to stop her but he did the only possible solution because Gabby was planning to kill again. “During their van life trip, Gabby was reading a book about the Zodiac. Maybe that inspired her to be a serial killer. Or maybe she was possessed by Zodiac himself. Whatever the case, Brian made the ultimate sacrifice. He knew he would be cast as the villain. But he knew that he had to stop Gabby before she could kill again,” the post read.

The bizarre post further insinuated that a male Gabby could have greatly abused Brian but she was careful to only hit him where the bruises would be covered up by a shirt. They questioned if anyone saw Brian without a shirt during their trip. As per Reddit’s content policy, “Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.”

Reddit’s spokesperson revealed that they are reviewing communities related to the Gabby Petito case; and will include the subreddits in question. The spokesperson added that they are enforcing their sitewide policies across the platform and will continue to take action against things that violate these policies.

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