Read What Entrepreneur Rajesh Utmani Has To Say On Featuring Well-Known Influencers In His Films

Today’s generation is very familiar when it comes to having personal growth in the business. Many people have parted themselves from corporate work life and have instead chosen the route of entrepreneurship. Rajesh Utmani chose the latter route and started his career as a real estate expert. Based in Jaipur, the multitalented person has made his name in the market as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He later ventured into the world of films who has produced and directed several albums, short films and music videos.

He owns Panth Films under which he recently produced a music video titled ‘High Teri Heels’ with Vikas Verma and Diana Khan. The company is dedicatedly working in the Punjabi and Hindi film and music industry which aims to bring out the best talents from both the worlds. Besides this, his company is also into film distribution that has been entertaining both domestic and international audiences. Alongside, Panth Films is also allowing many TikTok stars to feature in music videos and albums thus promoting them and giving them the right exposure over the web.

Offering anything and everything related to film and TV production, the company is gradually growing its base as the emerging name for all the internet influencers. “In recent years apps like TikTok has given the world a lot of influencers who have become an overnight sensation. The audience today is consuming funny and relatable content. I believe to create such relevant content in the form of music videos and films which can bring a smile on people’s face. The films and videos under my film company will give the influencers a platform which will boost their popularity”, said Utmani.