Rapper Crosslon Davis aka ‘Bis’ Stabbed And Killed Brutally

A drill rapper was stabbed repeatedly in a “savage and merciless” killing after becoming upset at “disrespect” over a dead friend, a court has heard.

Crosslon Davis, 20, sustained nine stab wounds to the head, back and chest, in Depford south-east London on December 6, 2019, according to Old Bailey.

Elijah Morgan and Jedaiah Param deny murder. Two unidentified men joined the attack, the judge heard.

‘Crosslon Did Not Stand A Chance’

Brian O’Neill QC told the judges: “Crosslon Davis did not stand a chance.”

Mr. Davis, better known as Bis, is said to have been a well-respected drill artist who was a member of the Harlem Spartans – a hip-hop group based in Kennington, south London.

On December 5, he had recorded a music video in Kennington and Cambridge, accompanied by his friends including Elhaj Dihamedouba, the court heard.

The Incident

On his return to London, Mr. Davis became furious with someone on the phone, the judges were told.

Mr O’Neill said: “Rightly or wrongly, he got the impression the person on the other end of the phone was being disrespectful about ‘Latz’.”

Latwaan Griffiths

Latz, whose real name is Latwa Griffiths, was one of the Harlem Spartans who was stabbed to death and killed in July 2018.

Mr Diarrassouba – also known as Els – suggested they meet with the caller to resolve it and arrived at Depford Creek at 01:15 GMT.

The jury heard that at this point Mr Davis, who was armed with a mallet, opened the rear door of a cab and tried to attack 20-year-old Mr Morgan, who is from Norwood.

The taxi sped off at high speed but the passengers got out and fled backwards, the court was informed.

Mr Davis was then attacked by two suspects and two other unidentified individuals, the allegations said.

CCTV showed that Mr Di shameouba was trying to stop the attack, Mr O’Neill said.

The prosecutor added: “Those four armed men had murder in their mind and were intent on killing Crosslon Davis.”

The case is ongoing.


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