Prashant Urankar’s Secret On How He Made ‘Who Cares’? A Popular Page On Social Media

It is absolutely true that in today’s time content is the king. We live in a fast-paced world where people are significantly making their name on social media as top content creators, influencers and bloggers. Prashant Urankar is silently working towards his goal by creating viral and relevant content on the internet. He is the admin of the popular social media page ‘Who Cares?’ also known as ‘But Who Cares’. Today millennials are very much fascinated by memes on the internet and it has become a mode of earning money. Prashant has helped ‘Who Cares?’ grow drastically on social media and the page has got more than 5.5 million likes on Facebook and 195K followers on Instagram. He believes in entertaining people through the digital medium.

At a very early age, Prashant discovered that he has got the potential to entertain people. He had a flair of writing funny and comedy one-liners. With the new-age technology and availability of the internet, he started creating memes and posted it on the internet. Little did anyone know that he would become an overnight sensation. “As a content creator, I have my eyes on each and every single thing happening in everyday life. Based on it, I create content with a high humour and entertainment factor. To sustain in this world of social media, it is really important to keep an eye on the latest trends and post content accordingly. If it clicks with the audience, there’s nothing that can stop the content breaking the internet”, said Prashant.

Besides this, Urankar likes to experiment and bring novelty in his content. For ‘Who Cares?’, he majorly creates content that would give a high reach and high engagement rate. There’s been a cut-throat competition in content creation as well. “Every individual is bringing something new to the table and making it viral on the internet. In such a scenario, one must keep on experimenting with the content to stay relevant on the internet”, he added. There’s no doubt in saying that Prashant Urankar has brought of a lot of traffic for ‘Who Cares?’ on Instagram as well as Facebook. Let’s wait what new content he comes up in the coming days.