Posters for YOU Season 3 hints Suburban Nightmares News

Posters for YOU Season 3 hints Suburban Nightmares

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September 18, 2021

Netflix has released a series of ominous new posters in advance of the release of YOU season 3 next month. The show’s first season was based on the novel by Coraline Kepnes, and was developed by Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti and Supernatural and The Magicians producer Sera Gamble. Originally shown on the Lifetime network, the drama was picked up by Netflix in 2018 for an exclusive second season release and was renewed for a third season in 2020.

Poster of season 3

The second season of this twisted psychological thriller, which follows the obsessive Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley), saw Joe attempt to leave his New York past behind by taking a new identity and going to Los Angeles.

When Joe met Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House), he swiftly returned to previous, potentially lethal patterns of conduct. However, in an unexpected twist, it was revealed that Joe’s most recent romantic interest was just as toxic and dangerous as he was.

With the premiere of YOU season 3 on Netflix on October 15, the streaming site is boosting up its marketing and has launched a trio of eye-catching new posters. The images, which were shared on Netflix’s official Twitter account, depict various elements of Joe and Love’s married life in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda with their newborn boy. These new photos, which transform the ordinary into the macabre, give fans a fair taste of what to expect from the new season.

Take a look at the posters below:

YOU rapidly gained a cult following after it was uploaded to Netflix, and Badgley and Pedretti have received a lot of praise for their performances. There’s little doubt that these new posters will only add to the excitement for the new season, as well as the insane antics of the show’s two main characters.

Season 3 of YOU is due to premiere on Netflix on October 15 and is guaranteed to provide plenty more nightmare stuff for fans.

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