PNCA Plans To Build National Database of Pakistani Films

Members of the film industry have been asked to donate copies of the films to DVDs, DCPs or any other digital format in the council.

Although the Pakistani film industry has been in crisis for the past few decades, Lollywood has had its days in the past about 60 years ago.

National Arts Council of Pakistan

Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has started an online musical  program

Even today, the young industry has been desperately trying to make its mark in the world.

By keeping this in mind, the National Arts Council of Pakistan (PNCA) has decided to launch the National Film Archives, in an effort to preserve the country’s film heritage for future generations. With more than 6,000 films produced so far and an estimated 60 films each year, Pakistan, despite its decline, is still among the top 20 film producers in the world.

However, considering the golden days of this industry were at least sixty years ago, the great glory of Lollywood seems to have been inscribed in the sand; bound to wash away the waves of time. That is why the need to present a national film archive is greater today than ever before. In an effort to establish a movie archive.

How Will An Archive Be Made?

The PNCA has called on prominent Lollywood people as well as audiences from all walks of life to protect and donate video copies of films ranging from DVDs, DCPs or other digital means to the council. In addition, members of the film side have also been asked to help compile national archive presentations, as well as to distribute their short films.

According to the details, the council also sought proposals and consultations with various film industry companies to discuss the launch of the National Film Archives. Highlighting the purpose of the film studio, members of the PNCA said the films and material collected as a result of this effort should be used for teaching, training and viewing purposes.

“The project will be free and voluntarily, the sponsors will be given the appropriate credit when they distribute or present their products. Apart from that, volunteers can also contribute to what is saved in the form of posters, media clips, books, photographs, drafts or any film-related material to the council, ”informed the Pakistan National Arts Council.

Safeguarding The Future

It may be recalled that following the dissolution of the National Film Development Corporation (NAFDEC), the responsibility for the development and preservation of Pakistani films was transferred to the PNCA. In this regard, the PNCA has attempted to take various steps to promote the film with its limited resources. One of these measures is the establishment of a national film center, where conspiracy has been made in Islamabad’s H-2 sector.

In addition, the PNCA Film Department was also involved in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Pakistan Film Producers Association, for the restoration and development of Pakistani films. In addition, the Director-General, PNCA Dr Fauzia Saeed, recently unveiled a one-year film production certification course.

The course is currently being taught online, run by local and international film experts from Germany and the United States. We hope that the certification process will help support the local film industry over time, with the introduction of more trained filmmakers for organizations.

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