Pink Lotus Elements Earns International Celebrity Support for its 1-Stop Breast Cancer Marketplace

LA-based women’s health and breast cancer brand Pink Lotus is no stranger to celebrities.

A quick Yahoo search reveals A-List movie star op-eds, world-famous musicians participating in fundraisers and other notable persons of influence supporting the brand in a variety of ways, some of whom have even received care directly as a patient – which naturally is not something everyone is willing to open up about.

Given its leadership position and its unmatched functional efficacy, over the years consumer demand increased for the brand to extend its healthcare solutions beyond just the treatment of breast cancer. One of the repeated requests was to find a solution to the never-ending awareness product campaigns that have been cluttering real pathways and solutions for women who need it. Another request was to deliver functional women’s health supplements that would benefit all women who experience common symptoms and side effects during and after treatment, such as menopause onset, mood swings, breast pain, and hormonal imbalances.

The launch of its e-commerce store Pink Lotus Elements created a one-stop marketplace where women can find a comprehensive offering of functional health products that positively advance their breast cancer journey and empowered general health.

With word traveling in Hollywood circles, and news of new celebrity diagnoses continuing to pop up, like Shannen Doherty just recently, conscious celebrities have continued to utilize their own platforms to get behind Pink Lotus and the functional breast cancer movement.

Yet the effect has reverberated beyond Hollywood, evoking celebrity advocates from other countries to also rally for more awareness.

Cynthia Kalifeh

International Actress Cynthia Kalifeh– for instance, known for her lead roles in blockbusters such as Paparrazi (2015) and Zafafian (2017) – is such an advocate who has raised her voice after seeing her best friend’s mother diagnosed with breast cancer.

Pink Lotus

Cynthia is wearing a Chemo Beanies headcover (style: Tanya) with a Billow Heart Pillow, used for post-surgical recovery and beyond.

She has been an outspoken proponent of early detection and awareness but has also seen that there is a flip side to the coin – specifically, helping women make it through treatment and recovery and then navigating the choices that exist to optimize outcomes and regain the best possible lifestyle thereafter.

While Cynthia was in LA to attend the Oscars, she took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Yahoo to talk to us about Pink Lotus Elements and why she believes it’s important to use her own platform as an influencer to support the company and create awareness that real, functional solutions do exist for women affected by breast cancer.

A quick interview with Cynthia

As a prominent international actress, how important is it to use your platform to share the values you stand for?

Cynthia: Being an influencer automatically gives me a big responsibility to the public. I am fully aware of it and I enjoy sharing my values with my community, especially the younger generation. Usually, I share values of respect, freedom, the importance of knowledge and self-education. All personalities who exert influence on their communities should be very careful of what they preach.

You knew someone personally who had dealt with the scourge of breast cancer. Can you tell us more?

Cynthia: Yes, a very close person to me, the mother of my best friend. I saw how hard this journey can be. Also, this wonderful woman had previously disregarded her checkup visits, so the feeling of regret that came along with her affliction didn’t help. But she is great now. She’s a hero in our eyes, and her road to recovery opened my own eyes and inspired me to become more outspoken about the cause.

What is the angle you take to advocate for breast cancer awareness and what in particular made you support Pink Lotus Elements?

Cynthia:  There are a lot of great awareness campaigns out there, and being proactive about screening and early detection is important – I saw that first hand and I support this. However, what I also realized with my best friend’s mother was that most women don’t know where to look for effective solutions after a diagnosis occurs – especially in countries that are less developed. Many women don’t even realize that there are solutions that could dramatically improve what is clearly an unwanted experience for them. I really like that Pink Lotus Elements has created a safe haven with product solutions for every possible situation which are accessible to women all over the world. This improves recovery, but I think almost as important, it curtails stress and anxiety during an already challenging time.

What projects in 2020 and beyond are you most excited to share with Yahoo News?

Cynthia: 2020 is looking SO GOOD. I’m very grateful. I have a film coming out called Manhattan King. Produced by an Abu Dhabi production company and shot in New York – and about New York. It’s my first musical film and my first singing role. I am also working on a Netflix show which is still very confidential. But the highlight of my year will undoubtedly be my move to Los Angeles, where I’m signing with a big name who believes in my ambition and talent and with whom we are working very productively.