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Pakistani Celebrities had Successful Careers But Failed Marriages

From renowned stars of Pakistan’s showbiz industry to models and cricketers, many of them have been through a divorce. Sorry to break your little bubble but the performing artists whose dramas and film dialogues captivate your hearts, have their real lives very different from what you think. There are many Pakistani celebrities who have failed marriages,

Surprisingly, there are numerous couples that have been successful in their respective fields but could not spare their relational unions. Below is a rundown of a few Pakistani celebrities who have failed marriages.

1- Faisal Qureshi & Rozina :

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Faisal Qureshi’s first marriage was at the age of 18. He has a daughter Hanish Qureshi from that relationship. The actor’s second marriage was to Ayesha Agha. He was 24 years old at the time. However, 18 months later he divorced her as well. It is pertinent to mention here that he also has a son from his second wife. They say that the third time’s the charm. And well, it definitely applies here. Faisal’s third wife is Sana Qureshi.

2- Mikaal Zulfiqar & Sara Bhatti

separation of famous ppersonalities 7

The Shehr-e-Zaat actor ended his six-year relationship with Sara Bhatti in 2017. Mikaal Zulfiqar married Sara Bhatti in 2011 and they both even share two daughters together.

3- Asad Siddiqui & Maham Babar

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The talented actor, Asad Siddiqui first got married to Maham Babar in 2014. But things did not last long and both separated their ways after a few months. Asad is now happily married to talented actress Zara Noor Abbas.

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