Orlando Bloom’s Mother’s Day Tribute to Katy Perry Clearly Doesn’t Impress Her News

Orlando Bloom’s Mother’s Day Tribute to Katy Perry Clearly Doesn’t Impress Her

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Time icon May 10, 2021

Katy Perry may be even more humble than we thought, as she doesn’t seem to have time for Orlando Bloom to sing her praises.

On Sunday, May 9, the 44-year-old Carnival Row star took to Instagram to send his fiancée a heartfelt message on her first Mother’s Day after the couple welcomed daughter Daisy Dove in August. He wrote about Katy, “Got myself a real catch [fish and heart emojis].” “Sending love and gratitude to all of the incredible people who have influenced our lives, helped us, and unconditionally loved us. Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!”

Katy’s remark, on the other hand, revealed that she hoped Orlando would show his love for her in a more realistic way. “Please bring me a bengal spice tea, boy,” the 36-year-old “Firework” singer wrote, hilariously and unsentimentally.

No one can blame the mother for wanting a mug of the calming, chai-style tea, particularly because she was scheduled to film an episode of American Idol later that day. Although Orlando did not respond to her statement, and there was no further explanation as to whether she was referring to a previous request for him to deliver the drink, her message was received well by her fans.

As one fan put it, “The best tea taste I’ve ever had! It also makes an excellent iced sweet tea.” A different person added, “Please make it two. Hee hee.” “Best answer to a Husband/boyfriend ever!” wrote a third follower.

Demi Lovato’s reply

Demi Lovato replied with three crying-while-laughing emojis, so Orlando can rest easy knowing his original post wasn’t totally ignored. Katy and Orlando clearly have a playful friendship in which they can taunt and make each other laugh. After all, her statement here is eerily similar to one Orlando made on her post from last month, when she debuted a new hairstyle.

“Baby, we’re all out of oat milk,” the Pirates of the Caribbean actor joked at the time. In other words, Orlando may have no one but himself to blame for the sound of this casual feedback. Nonetheless, Katy took the time to express her joy for Mother’s Day in her own unique way. She tweeted on May 9th, “When I became a mother, I discovered what I had been looking for. I’m grateful for that intense, profound love, and I’m proud to be a part of the mama club. Best wishes for Mother’s Day.”

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