OmeNutrition: Life and Diet Changing Genetic Test

Online meal plan services abound: whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, or stay where you are, you will find the one to your liking. Various nutrition plans offer 7 to 90 days of allegedly balanced diets, complete with grocery lists and recipes, they teach you food journaling, in short, make you aware of what and when, and how much you should eat and drink in order to stay healthy. However, the more you come to know them, the more they look like a deja vu. A common feature of most of such meal plans is the lack of a scientific foundation. OmeCare, a San-Diego genetic testing company stands out from the crowd with OmeNutrition, filling the gaping void with its proprietary genetic test specifically designed to offer a personalized genetic-based diet plan, lower the risk of disease, and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.

This test goes deep into the genetic causes of our eating behaviors and habits such as snacking, feeling full, or sweet tooth cravings, helps determine sensitivity levels to lactose, alcohol, caffeine, and other substances, and make better and more educated dietary choices in our everyday life. The test helps determine an ideal DNA-based diet, i.e. which food to eat or stay away from to optimize your weight management. It will further disclose one’s food allergies, lactose and gluten sensitivities, and other nutrients deficiencies. 

Lactose intolerance, for instance, is a common nutritional disorder people come to grips with. In short, it is described as the inability to digest lactose, the sugar found in milk and dairy products, a condition caused by the lack of an enzyme called lactase. So, if you are lactose intolerant, make sure you get the required amount of calcium from non-dairy or lactose-free sources. The test finds the gene responsible for this condition and provides easy-to-follow recommendations on how to deal with the problem.

OmeNutrition will help cope with the second most common eating disorder —gluten sensitivity. This condition may well be the cause of major discomforts including abdominal pain, gas, and tiredness, along with other unpleasant symptoms. Gluten sensitivity is triggered by eating gluten, which leads to intestinal symptoms and sometimes a rash that generally improves once the gluten-containing foods are removed from the diet. The test reveals the genetic predisposition for gluten sensitivity, the celiac disease being the most common genetically-predisposed food intolerance.  The condition can cause long-term digestive problems resulting from the wrong absorption of many different nutrients and it can develop at any age, usually in childhood first, and affected individuals benefit from lifelong avoidance of gluten in their diet. This condition has strong family heritability and can be determined by genetic markers. The test will also reveal the second major cause of gluten sensitivity—non-celiac.

So much for scientific terms. In simpler—layman’s— terms, OmeNutrition will highlight any known genetic predisposition for obesity, metabolism, cholesterol levels, vitamin intake levels, and many other things on the basis of scientifically verified data and will guide you to better health by making a strong case for following nutrition recommendations.


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