NZ Batting Coach has no complaints about the DRS review fuss of Will Young

NZ Batting Coach has no complaints about the DRS review fuss of Will Young

New Zealand lost their first wicket in first innings after 66 overs. In the second innings, they lost it in a matter of four overs. The worst part for Kiwis – they could had ended the day wicketless. Will Young was beaten by a delivery of Ashwin that spun a lot and stayed low. After a huge and lengthy appeal of the Indians, umpire Virender Sharma gave Will Young out. If Young had referred the decision, he would had been not out since the ball was missing the wickets by many inches.

New Zealand batting coach Luke Ronchi said he did not have a talk with Young about the prompt, but also admitted it was clear on the big screen that the batter hadn’t asked for the review within the time slot.

Luke Ronchi has no complaints about the review fuss

“I haven’t spoken to Young about this situation but, obviously, from our point of view, a bit disappointing the way it worked out. But also, when we look up on the big screen, it was after the time had run out,” Ronchi said. “So it was a bit of both notions. At the time of the game, you don’t want to be losing wickets. It’s quite tense and things like that. I think the whole situation, I guess, if you look at our point of view, a bit disappointed but then also you understand that he did actually tee it up after the timer had finished.”

Talking about their batting strategy for the second innings, Ronchi said, “All three results are possible. If we bat with some good intent and make most of the opportunities to score, we certainly believe we can chase it down. But, from the Indian point of view, they will be going in full of confidence they can stop us from doing that. “There’s not a whole lot of turn in the surface. I don’t think many people expected the surface to hold up as it has. There is a little bit of variable bounce, but that is going to be the main thing.”

Know the DRS protocol of ICC

The DRS protocol states: “The bowler’s end umpire shall provide the relevant player with a prompt after 10 seconds if the request has not been made at that time and the player shall request the review immediately thereafter. If the on-field umpires believe that a request has not been made within the 15 second time limit, they shall decline the request for a Player Review.”

Ronchi wants his batters to learn from India

Ronchi emphasized over the importance of a positive mindset. Perhaps, NZ batters should look up to the Indian batters is what Ronchi implied.

“And understand… they should take a bit of a leaf from the Indian batters in the way they played, they had a bit of positivity in their footwork and scoring options. That’s what we need to do as well. To [force India to] change fields and sort of bring that momentum in our favour. Then, hopefully, as time rolls on through the game, the more you do it, the lower I guess the total you are chasing becomes and just staying positive in the mindset and going from there really.”

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