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Not Enough Evidence To Convict Jake Paul In Arizona Looting During BLM Protests

Jake Joseph Paul has been very active in many spheres recently. To his fortune, everything he has been doing since the past few years has given positive results, be it his YouTube career or boxing career. However, there was one sword hanging on his head since the May of 2020.

After the United States was rocked with George Floyd’s death and BLM protests turned into violent lootings, Jake Paul was allegedly seen at the Arizona Shopping Mall where lootings took place.

The Background

Even though he was present at the spot, he said that he did not participate in any civil disruption.

Jake Paul at that time said that he was ‘only filming the lootings that took place in the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall but he was arrested by the police department and a misdemeanour charge was opened against Paul.

The FBI was roped in. Jake’s house was raided as well. But even after all of this, no sufficient evidence was found to convict him for his involvement in vandalism and looting of the mall in Arizona.

Freed From All Charges

Hence, Jake is officially declared free from all charges.

“Based upon the investigation and evidence available at this time, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona is not pursuing federal charges against Jake Paul for his conduct,” they said in an official statement.

Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul is busy preparing for his upcoming fight against five-time UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 29th. The fight is going to be held in Jake’s hometown Ohio and he is super pumped up about this fact.

YouTube sensation Roman Atwood has announced he will be present in the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on the 29th of August.

The youngest Paul brother has also invited US Olympic team members to his fight. In a Tweet where Jake appreciated the US Women’s Olympic team, he also said that “One of those women is Gold medalist @ktnago13 from Cleveland! Katie if you are reading this I hope you will come to my fight in Cleveland as my guest on August 29th”.

Tell us in the comments if you’ll be watching the fight. Whom do you support in Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley?

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