Netflix Release Date Of ‘The Sinner’ Revealed

The Sinner is a thrilling and jaw-dropping series that has had four reasons to date! All the eight episodes of The Sinner Season 4 are now expected to make their way to Netflix. But when exactly will season 4 of The Sinner release on Netflix?

The Sinner’s fourth season released on USANetwork on October 13, 2021. And for Netflix, we can expect the show to arrive in 2022 in most regions of the globe.

Netflix US And Canada Release Date

Netflix has the streaming rights to the series in many regions such as Australia, Canada, US, and UK.

The release of The Sinner season 4 on Netflix is easy to calculate since it has followed a general timeline before landing on Netflix.

As seen in the past, The Sinner releases on Netflix US and Canada exactly one year after it’s run on other streaming platform.

For instance, the season 1 of the show was originally released on February 2020 but it arrived on Netflix US and Canada in February 2021.

Going by this guess, the season 4 of The Sinner can land on Netflix US and Canada on October 13, 2022.

Netflix UK And Australia Release Date

In Netflix UK, the waiting period is generally quicker i.e, 3-4 months. This implies that season 4 can release on Netflix UK somewhere between Feb and Apr 2022.

Netflix Australia has a similar timetable as Netflix UK.

How About A Season 5 Of The Show?

New cast members in The Sinner Season 4 include Alice Kremelberg portraying the role of Percy Muldoo, Michael Mosley as Colin Muldoon, Frances Fisher as Meg Muldoon, and Cindy Cheung in the role of Stephanie Lam.

The season 5 of the series is not yet announced by NBCUniversal or USANetwork.

Would you like to have a season 5 of the series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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