NCT 127 ‘Favorite’: Release date, MV & All About ‘Sticker’ Reissue

NCT 127 is building a reputation for itself in the noise scene, and they’re doing a good job of it.

From 1 million pre-orders on the first day to breaking history on many Billboard charts to music show victories; the flute-heavy title tune ‘Sticker’ and its album were a financial hit. During the ‘Sticker’ era, the boy band won ten music awards. The album has also sold over 2.2 million copies; ensuring that it will be certified as a double million-seller by music charts.

NCT 127 is ready to make a comeback with ‘Favorite,’ riding high on their triumph. The band has had a very busy year in the second part of 2021. Fans were curious as to what the boys were up to after the release of their Japanese album ‘Loveholic’ in February.

But they’re making up for lost time with the release of ‘Sticker,’ which was released in September, and the upcoming reissue album Favorite. On October 24, the repackaged album outperformed Sticker, with 1.06 million pre-orders. There are also rumours that NCT 127 would reunite with their 23 members for NCT 2021 after Favorite.

The repackaged album by NCT 127 will be released on October 25 at 6 p.m. KST (5 am ET). ‘Favorite’ will be accessible on Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and other major music streaming sites. Countdown begins on October 25th. At 5 p.m. KST, NCT 127’s YouTube channel will become live (4 am ET).

October 29 – Music Bank
October 31 – Inkigayo


1. Favorite – Title track
2. Love On The Floor
3. Pilot

There will be 14 tunes on the album. The remaining 11 tracks are from Sticker, with the exception of ‘Favorite,’ which is the title track, Love On The Floor, and Pilot. ‘Favorite’ is a funky R&B song with a hint of pop. With a whistling hook, it maintains the distinctive arrangements from the Sticker era. The males sing about how the relationship is the only thing that makes them happy, despite the fact that it ended tragically.

Classic and Catharsis are the two versions of the record. NCT 127 has unveiled concept photographs for each variation, as well as two sets of group photos labelled Poetic and Tragic. The boys are outfitted in elegant formal navy blue suits and attire for the Classic edition. Catharsis opts for sleek and vivid streetwear, resulting in a clash of patterns. They also wear costly jackets with gold work for the group portrait Tragic, bringing in a regal theme.

NCT 127 released separate ‘Story Of Favorite’ video teasers for each member, as well as a music video teaser. The teasers for Story Of Favorite include passionate monologues in which the males describe love at first sight while concealing a sinister secret. The dark secret that the boys are vampires is exposed in the music video teaser, also named Favorite (Vampire). They have gold eyes and fangs, and the song’s instrumental; which is full of whistling sounds, can be heard in the background.


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