NCB responds to the Aryan Khan drug claims, calling them “baseless” News

NCB responds to the Aryan Khan drug claims, calling them “baseless”

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October 6, 2021

With each passing day, Aryan Khan’s narcotics case, which is being investigated by the Narcotics Control Bureau, takes on new turns.

While the NCB claims to have collected “shocking and incriminating” evidence from Aryan Khan’s and others’ WhatsApp discussions, it has been claimed that the agency’s inquiry is biased and secretive and that they are purposely targeting SRK and his family.

The agency, on the other hand, has responded to the charges, calling them baseless. NCB Deputy DG Gyaneshwar Singh issued the statement.

NCB’s Deputy Statement

NCB’s response came after a Maharashtra minister informed ANI that “Aryan Khan’s arrest is a forgery.” The rumor that actor Shah Rukh Khan is the next target has been circulating to crime reporters over the past month. Gyaneshwar Singh, speaking to the media about the case, indicated that while the claims against them are unfounded, they were made with hatred in mind in response to their previous legal action. He also stated that their investigation is open and unbiased.

“Some of the claims leveled against the organization are unfounded and appear to have been made with malice and likely bias in retaliation for previous legal action taken by NCB. NCB reiterates that its method has been and will continue to be transparent and unbiased on a professional and legal level,” he added.

Take a look at NCB Deputy’s statement

Meanwhile, Arbaaz Merchantt, Aryan Khan’s co-accused, has dismissed the claims against the children, calling them “baseless.” He also addressed WhatsApp talks, stating, “There are no WhatsApp chats related to narcotics.” They hadn’t even thought about it.

It was merely a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to the ship. They had been invited. They just made a decision out of nowhere. He was meant to have dinner with me and had breakfast with me.”

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