Mizkif Reacts To Backlash After CallMeCarson Came On His Twitch Stream

CallMeCarson has been on a long break from Twitch after he was found grooming his underage fans. But there have been a lot of talks that he will soon be returning to the Internet with his content. While nothing was certain, CallMeCarson’s appearance on Twitch Streamer Mizkif’s stream made things look more realistic.

Mizkif started facing backlash and hatred for inviting CallMeCarson on his 13th August stream. Fans were angry at this and even decided to unfollow the popular Twitch streamer.

Mizkif has now responded to the criticism that he is facing in wake of the 13th August stream along with CallMeCarson. On his strean, Carson said “I’ll be back soon, like real soon.”

What Did He Say?

But what has Mizkif said? Let’s find out:

“Carson was here for 30 minutes, he’s gone alright? He’s been gone, he came over for one thing and one thing only, not me. Don’t think I invited him over, he came over for reason, he wants to do a charity thing with Maya. That’s it, Maya said yes, that’s why.”

“It’s crazy, they’re literally all Minecraft kids and they think he’s joining OTK, they’re like ‘oh, he’s literally living with Mizkif’. He’s here for charity, that’s it. It’s so wild seeing the different audiences are crazy, YouTube audience doesn’t give a f**k, Twitch audience doesn’t give a f**k, but it’s Minecraft kids on Twitter and TikTok kids, those two audiences clash so well.”

Mizkif was really agitated and furious at the sort of reaction that fans gave. Its evident that he wasn’t expecting so much hate and criticism come his way.

‘Terrible Friend’

While many believe that CallMeCrason’s friends abandoned him due to the pressure from ‘social media’, Ludwig believes otherwise.

Ludwig says “[Everyone] thinks Carson’s friends abandoned him because of pressure from Twitter, [but] the friends who abandoned him are the three people who hate Twitter the most.”

But wait a moment.. who are ‘they’? Ludwig is talking about CallMeCrason’s former close associates mainly ConnorEatsPants, Johnathan ‘JSchlatt’ Schlatt, and Josh ‘Jawsh’ Allen.

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