Ludwig Refers ‘CallMeCarson’ As A Liar And A Terrible Friend After His Surprise Twitch Return News

Ludwig Refers ‘CallMeCarson’ As A Liar And A Terrible Friend After His Surprise Twitch Return

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Time icon August 15, 2021   | Last Updated: May 26, 2024 at 8:51 AM

It’s the final countdown! While Twitch fame CallMeCarson is trying to make a comeback after a year (it seems), many others have rekindled the talks about the allegations against CallMeCarson.

CallMeCarson was accused of grooming his underage fans after which he has not been active on his channel. He lost a lost of close friends and supporters after the allegations came to light. While many believe that CallMeCrason’s friends abandoned him due to the pressure from ‘social media’, Ludwig believes otherwise.

What Did Ludwig Say?

Ludwig says “[Everyone] thinks Carson’s friends abandoned him because of pressure from Twitter, [but] the friends who abandoned him are the three people who hate Twitter the most.”

“The only reason that they left Carson was that he was a terrible friend. He just lied to them. But I feel like that gets lost, and there’s weird misinformation constantly. But everyone just likes to think they know.”

But wait a moment.. who are ‘they’? Ludwig is talking about CallMeCrason’s former close associates mainly ConnorEatsPants, Johnathan ‘JSchlatt’ Schlatt, and Josh ‘Jawsh’ Allen.

CallMeCarson Planning A Twitch Comeback?

Ludwig also said that CallMeCarson will try to make a return on Twitch but there’s no certainty of how the fan response would be.

The accused influencer is known for his videos that include the popular world-building game Minecraft. He is also one of the Twitch streamers as well as a YouTuber who posted a video back in December 2020. Carson recently made an appearance on Mizkif’s stream. Here’s what Twitter users commented on the situation.

xQc Shares His Views

Another popular streamer on Twitch, xQc has talked about the whole situation. He lashed out at fans who were defending CallMeCarson’s actions of sexting underage fangirls. While fans defend Carson saying that he only texted girls just two years younger to him, xQc does not care about the age difference.

He said “I don’t know why people go either way to downplay it [by saying things like] it’s literally two years.”

“How do you not understand? If you guys want to play the legal card on me, I’ll tell you about the legal card. It can be a couple [of years.] And depending on the place, even one year can be illegal. So, what are you on about?”

Do you think that CallMeCarson can make a successful return on Twitch or will the Internet ‘cancel’ him? Tell us in the comments.

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