Minecraft YouTuber PainfulPVP’s Channel Hacked To Promote Cryptocurrency

All hell broke lose when famous Minecraft and Fortnite YouTuber sent out a tweet to YouTube few hours ago. What was this tweet about?

The YouTube who goes by the name of PainfulPVP was seeking help from YouTube after his YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers was hacked.

What Did The Hackers Do?

The hackers of PainfulPVP’s channel deleted all the Minecraft and gameplay videos from his channel. They then started promoting Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin.

While previously crypto scams happened just by using the names of well-known Internet figures, this attack was unprecedented as it involved a YouTuber’s channel being hacked and converted into a hub of cryptocurrencies.

PainfulPVP Calls For Help

PainfulPVP, whose real name is James Garrod trembled for help when he couldn’t access his YouTube Channel. He sent out a series of tweets tagging YouTube’s official accounts.

“Hey YouTube…someone just hacked my YouTube, DM asap please,” one of his tweets read.

Another tweet by the YouTube read “Hey @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YouTubeCreators my account has been hacked, they deleted all of my videos and are trying to scam my fans, PLEASE HELP! My account was YouTube.com/painful but they changed it.”

YouTube Takes Action

A reply arrived in time from an official YouTube account on Twitter which asked Garrod to describe the problem he was facing in the ‘DMs’.

Eventually, the channel of PainfulPVP has been deleted. There is no confirmation whether the channel would be reinstated anytime soon.

Cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town lately. Be it celebrities or the general public, everyone wants to jump in on the finance revolution. Recently, Golden Globe award winning actress Reese Witherspoon revealed her first crypto purchase. Check it out here.

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