Meet young Social Media Star Vishal Ahuja

Writing in today’s time can be an enjoyable hobby because the internet gives you the number platform to showcase your writing skills. Your excellent skills in writing can provide you with name and bucks.

Vishal Ahuja born in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna is making his name count in top social media influencer. Yes, this lad is master of posting humorous things on his famous page called @dankstory.

Vishal loves to read new things, and he also does writing on his own. His this quality is giving him the deserving popularity through his page @dankstory. Vishal Ahuja is able to impress more than 157.K followers on Instagram and nearly 10.K followers on Facebook.

Other than his social media activity, he is a growing Entrepreneur. Yes, don’t get surprised by his age if young ones from other countries can make it big as an Entrepreneur than why not our India. Vishal Ahuja is bright talent making his name in various fields with his skills. 

He doesn’t overthink he goes with the flow in his life. Vishal Ahuja is very sure with things he wants to do in the coming years. We feel there are many things which you can learn from the genius young lad. It is correctly said “age is just a number” talent comes naturally, and when you utilise it in the right direction from a young age, then you make it big like Vishal Ahuja in your life too.

It will be interesting to see how Vishal Ahuja goes from here, right now, he is in college and managing stuff like @dankstory on social media. Vishal Ahuja is going to learn many more things in the coming years, which can take him to new highs in his life.