Meet Terrance McMahon – leading and international motivational Speaker and Author News

Meet Terrance McMahon – leading and international motivational Speaker and Author

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Time icon March 17, 2020   | Last Updated: May 26, 2024 at 8:51 AM

How many people can truly say that they have lived unfettered by challenges no matter how big? Not many right? In fact, many people succumb to their circumstances and challenges. Not Terrance McMahon though. This remarkable corporate titan has risen above obstacles many would consider formidable and has taken his place as a leading voice in the field of finance, business strategy, motivational speaking and mentoring.

McMahon, is a finance and business guru with over thirty years of experience in the corporate world. During this time he amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise and honed these to the point of becoming a world class expert especially in the areas of finance and business strategy. Having led a financial entity, Mass Mutual Northern New England, to the top of the industry and maintaining that position for years McMahon has earned the title finance guru.

The Power Behind the Words

When McMahon speaks, his words resonate with audiences around the world. The need to overcome obstacles and pursue success is a global one which means that many people crave his advice. And because he has the experiences and authority to back his words, they have a tremendous effect on the listener.

No stranger to adversity, McMahon Knows what it means to start from the bottom. His professional career starts with a stint as a door to door insurance salesman. A job he describes as humiliating and soul crushing. But he did not allow himself to be crushed. Instead he elevated himself until he occupied a top ranking post in the corporate world, that of CEO.

He also knows what it means to hit rock bottom having suffered a debilitating blow in 2016 when he was faced with liver disease. The grim situation that he faced as a liver failure patient with 90 days to live and was unlikely to receive a donated organ. He did not succumb to his circumstances though and his persistence paid off when he underwent successful liver transplant, a surgical procedure that gave him a new lease on life.

Fame Well-Earned

Without a doubt, what sets McMahon apart from many other people is the fact that he also knows how to lift himself above challenges. His life, which is characterized by success despite the challenges, is proof of this.

It is no wonder his name has grown to become synonymous with inspiration, a growth mindset and general positivity. As a result, he’s in high demand at conferences, workshops and other events. He has developed a track record for giving exceptional keynote addresses and inspirational and informative presentations as can be seen by not only his podcast presentations but also his inspirational TEDX Talk entitled ‘From Broken to Beautiful; An Algorithm to Re-create Yourself’.

He has a very big online presence with an Instagram page boasting over 191,000 followers and a LinkedIn profile with over 500 connections. His YouTube page, dedicated to sharing his podcast ‘Your Voice to the World’ has over 280,000 subscribers and the numbers continue to grow each day as more and more people log on to benefit from the expertise of this inspirational life guru.

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