Meet Rahul Gupta – An Ordinary Boy From Kanpur Who Has Gained Momentum On The Digital Space As An Emerging Director News

Meet Rahul Gupta – An Ordinary Boy From Kanpur Who Has Gained Momentum On The Digital Space As An Emerging Director

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Time icon January 3, 2020

While many people spend years of their life with a dream to become a director, Rahul Gupta has gained success in really less time. A creative mind, he is an upcoming director who hails from Kanpur. He came to Mumbai in 2017 with a dream of becoming a director. Having little experience about direction, he started approaching production houses, but his efforts went in vain. However, he struggled and gave everything for the cinema. By luck or you can say destiny, things worked in his favour when a popular director, Vishal Chaturvedi approached him to work in Laughing Colours. Being one of the biggest entertainment pages, Laughing Colours has got a mammoth presence on social media and it is the most active page on Facebook.

He worked dedicatedly towards his work and made a lot of internet-breaking videos including ‘Gaali’, ‘Smoker’s Diary’, ‘Beti Kyun Bachao’ and many more. In a year, he took up a lot of responsibilities and got to learn a lot of things there. For better opportunities, he later quit his job to find something more challenging. He said, “Growth is very important in everyone’s life not just financially but also professionally. After creating viral video content, I wanted to try my luck in the digital space. Some things take time, but they are definitely worth the wait.” After leaving his job, Gupta did not have any Plan B, but he was pretty sure about his goal of becoming a director.

He approached many producers to invest in one of his web series. With people dissing his ideas of directing a web series, he worked hard towards his narrative skills and impressed Ankur Tiwari with whom he worked in ‘Beer Boys and Vodka Girls’. Ankur is the owner of Brotherhood Motion Pictures and is a brother of Ankit Tiwari, a renowned singer in Bollywood. Besides this, Rahul Gupta will soon be directing a webs series for the OTT platform named ULLU. In very less time, the young man has left people talking about him and we hope that he gets to work as a director for lots of web series and shows in the coming years.

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