Meet Kevin Thompson, CEO of Verve Scooters

Dockless E-Scooters is the hottest growing trend in the micro-mobility business. It provides a fresh Eco-friendly alternative to popular ride-sharing apps. 

There is a growing amount of United States cities participating in this new transportation market. One of the most recent companies in the industry is Verve Scooters. 

The company, Verve Scooters founded by Kevin Thompson (CEO) and Naim Statham (COO) got its start after a trip to Los Angeles. “Once we saw how convenient the scooters were we knew they would be perfect for our home city of Philadelphia and many other cities,” says Thompson.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Thompson was forced to grow up faster than most children. He was raised in a poverty-stricken part of the city and was often exposed to the domestic violence that occurred in his home at the hands of his father. These hardships inspired Kevin to pursue a better life for his family and himself. “I dreamed of being able to financially support my family and that got me started in the entrepreneurship,” said Thompson.

Owning businesses in the beauty, real estate and in the social assistance industries, he is a very instrumental member in his community and a wildly successful serial entrepreneur. “I’ve always wanted to help better my community and communities like mine.”

After a few rewarding entrepreneurial ventures, Thompson was given the opportunity to work with Rasheed Wallace, Live Nation and organize the Lil Weezyana Festival in New Orleans. 

His most recent venture is his technology-based ride-share scooter company, Verve Scooters. “We wanted to offer a more convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation that would reduce traffic congestion,” he said. The Verve Scooters App recently launched and is available in both Apple and Android stores.

After personally overcoming his childhood misfortunes, he is dedicated to making paths to success for people from upbringings like himself.

“I want to see more people of color to participate in the technology sector and I through my businesses produce more opportunities for gainful employment.” Verve Scooters is currently accepting applications. 

More information about Verve Scooters can be seen on Instagram @verve.scooters and the Verve Scooters App which is currently available in both Apple and Android stores.