Meet Jimmy Bolt Houston’s Hottest Emerging Artist News

Meet Jimmy Bolt Houston’s Hottest Emerging Artist

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Time icon April 7, 2020

With the world of music being so oversaturated, it’s often hard to decipher who has what it takes to make it in the music industry, but with Houston native Jimmy Bolt, it’s no question at all. The 21-year-old artist took a 3-year break from music to discover his sound. Despite him not releasing music, he was still recording nonstop which is why he is still on rap’s radar for best rising artists. 

With the sounds of Anita Baker and Otis Redding instilled within him at an early age by his father, he was meant to be different. As time went on he developed a love for hip-hop so much to the point that he had to sneak off and listen to it until his parents felt he was old enough. We had a chance to sit down with the young artist and discuss his career as well as his latest single “Wolves,” which features Lil Keed. 

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since my junior year in high school but I would say i began to take it seriously before my first album! With art it’s a lot of trial and error so now I’ve found it.

How would you describe your sound?

I have a lot of sounds, I feel like my biggest problem at times is finding which way I want to take it. My father instilled music in me very young and all I listened to growing up was Anita Baker & Otis Redding. He wouldn’t let me listen to rap music for a while but I would sneak and still listen to it. I’m inspired by all music and really put every genre into my music! I love certain rock music and of course I like that hard shit too. Really just depends on my mood.

What inspired your current single?

My current single Wolves was inspired by my journey as an artist and also what you go through as an artist coming up. Through relationships of those in my inner circle and outer, I’ve just been learning to deal with the hate and the love for I really view it all the same. This was my “you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym moment’ lol. 

What was your biggest challenge and biggest accomplishment in music? 

Biggest challenge at first was taking advice with my craft because I always feared not being 100% authentically me. My biggest accomplishment was going on tour for my first album “Finally Noticed.’ Feeling the love on tour was YAZY! I was signing people’s shoes on tour. “Wolves,” has been my proudest moment so far and linking up w/ Lil Keed. Getting a plaque will be my next proudest moment, I’m speaking that into existence right now.

What was the biggest challenge in your personal life?

My biggest challenge was my sisters passing away in 16′ and then my dad passing away 5 days later but gaining my 3 angels changed my life for the better if that makes sense. It really taught me how to react in times of the unexpected and to be the rock I always was. 
How do you believe your childhood shaped your career?

My childhood shaped my career because my father taught me patience, being aware, and how to study people. Don’t take this the wrong way but he taught me to see people as the dollar sign. The business that we’re in you have to know people, studying them to know how they will react. Being a CEO, I’ve always naturally been a leader so that came natural to me, but don’t get me wrong I’m still learning. My childhood also prepared me for the life I’m going to live times 10. A lot of things these artists admire to see I’ve already seen. My parents had ups and downs for sure so at times it’s been really good and of course vice versa. They never folded or changed their character for money so that always stuck with me.

When it’s all said and done, what do you want to be known for?

I want to be known and respected as a King who treated everyone equally and just provided a mindset that will outlive me and continue to show/shape the universe way after I’m gone. My legacy will be passed on for generations to come. I want people to be free in themselves and really learn to simply stop letting people control you with judgement. 

Follow Jimmy on Instagram @jimmyboltx 

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