Meet George Thomas McCormick, the agency founder helping struggling businesses for free during COVID-19

Right now, the world is under siege from a dangerous viral pandemic. Shops have been forced to close and many business owners are struggling to survive this difficult time. So is there a solution? There just might be…

Meet George Thomas McCormick, the British entrepreneur and digital marketing agency founder from London, UK. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, George has noticed hundreds of collapsing businesses desperately trying to build an online presence to survive and has received countless emails and messages pleading for his help.

Since then, George has dedicated his time to help as many struggling businesses as he can in order to survive the crisis. This involves setting up a complete online presence and marketing strategies for bricks and mortar businesses that until now, have always operated facing and serving their customers.

One example is a small farm shop located in Hertfordshire, UK. Due to social distancing measures and struggles with staff, they were forced to close to the public and were rapidly losing money and stock. George managed to setup a simple web store and local PR plan to encourage customers to place orders online for contact-free collection. Farm shop owner Joanna had this to say; “Without George, I honestly don’t know where we would be right now. His help and generosity have been tremendous and have saved our entire business”.

The world needs more people like George Thomas McCormick. On behalf of all the business owners he has helped so far, thank you!

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