Meet DC’s Hottest Emerging Artist Trini MMF News

Meet DC’s Hottest Emerging Artist Trini MMF

Clout News

April 8, 2020

With his Trinidadian and DC accent, artist Trini MMF offers a unique sound to the rap game that everyone should get familiar with. 

Hailing from Claxton Bay, Trinidad, and then later growing up in the inner cities of DC, the young artist was surrounded by rhythmic flows of cultural music from Soca to Go-go music bands. It wasn’t until his father passed away after being kidnapped and murdered in Trinidad, that Trini MMF poured his pain into his pen. His fathers death resulted in him growing up in the foster care system and he and used his music as a way to express his emotions.

“After my dad was kidnapped and killed I had a lot of pain and anger. I made certain decisions thinking it would help the pain but instead it just made it worse,” he said. ”Music became therapy for all of that. It was my way of overcoming demons and nightmares I created.”

At the tinder age of 25 he’s already overcome huge obstacles and achieved great things such as his latest collaboration with Boosie BadAzz on his single “Trap Junkies.” He named the song based off of his own real life experiences with hustling and dealing in the streets. The collaboration came to life after Trini’s manager Jay Cooper (who’s also part of Boosie’s management team) called him one day and asked if he would like to do a feature with Boosie knowing how much he looked up to him. 

“Of course I said yes. Boosie laid his verse down and then ended up in DC for a show,” said Trini MMF. “So you know we had to shoot the video.”

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