Meet Aakash Yadav – The Social Media Maverick Who Is Building A Better Tomorrow

Aakash Yadav is a man with a lot of talents. There’s nothing this young lad is not capable of doing. He is progressing at a rapid pace and has made a name for himself in the country’s capital city, New Delhi. Besides being a social media influencer, he is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a social activist. He has been closely associated with a lot of projects like low-cost housing for the poor and has been working for many underprivileged children and women of the NGOs and foundations. Yadav has tried putting in his best efforts to bring forth the issues of poor farmers that have been ignored by mainstream media. Born in a family of farmers, he hails from Sorkha; a village close to Noida. He was brought up there which brought him very close to the issues faced by farmers. Going by his Instagram profile, one would not believe that he is from a village but that’s where his heart lies. He had a flair of learning things at a very young age.

During his school, he was a very bright student and that saw him studying at the most prestigious institutions of the world. He has earned degrees from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland & Middlesex University London, England. With immense knowledge from different parts of the world, Aakash has got a better picture in his mind about building a nation with good economic growth. These high-class degrees is a result of his entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic efforts over the years. In less than four years, he has built one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Delhi NCR region. “Innovation is the only key to survive in this competitive market of real estate. My company prefers to experiment with new innovative techniques in the business by bringing down the overall cost to develop a sustainable housing solution for the poor and middle-class people”, said Yadav.

He loves to explore different parts of the world and is a fitness enthusiast. The influencer understands his responsibility and believes in giving back to society. Philanthropy for him does not mean to just donate money. Instead, it is all about giving time for the causes and educating people and empowering them to make the world a better place. Performing various tasks and playing different roles is what keeps him pushing ahead in life to achieve more. He is working towards building a healthy nation and wants every individual to be on the same level by helping them in the best way possible. Isn’t it a great move by Aakash Yadav?