MBC’s ‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’ will include SHINee Minho and Gong Minji

The K-pop icons from the second-generation era will join forces for MBC’s upcoming survival show, “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol”! On the 20th, SHINee Minho and Gong Minji were spotted filming together for the show — raising curiosity if what will be their roles.

On August 20, entertainment officials confirmed that SHINee’s Minho and Gong Minji, a former 2NE1 member will make their appearance on MBC’s new survival audition program “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” (hereinafter “Wild Idol”).

“It is true that Minho and Gong Minji joined the shooting,” the show’s spokesperson said.

According to OSEN, the two K-pop icons will serve as special ambassadors on the broadcast.

Minho and former Turbo Kim Jong Kook will be in charge of physical strength training, while Gong Minji and Lia Kim will be in charge of dance training.

A more robust and colourful team has been completed with the addition of SHINee’s Minho and Gong Minji to the trainer corps.

Apart from their appearances, K-pop fans are looking forward to seeing renowned second-generation stars interact. Minho and Minji (also known as Minzy) will be joining other well-known idols such as Brave Girls Yeojung and INFINITE Kim Sung Kyu.

Other celebrities, such as best friends Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun, who will host the show, as well as Lee Sun Bin and Lee Hyun Yi, who will be in charge of the idol trainees, will add spice to the event.

Meanwhile, Tiger JK, Bizzy, Lia Kim, NELL Kim Jongwan, and Kim Sung Kyu will debut as the show’s trainers with a generous support shot.

“Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” is a unique concept of hunting for the next top stars – in the wild — among Korea’s various survival shows.

Instead of the customary theme of indoor performances and challenges, MBC’s upcoming survival show will take place outside.

The show’s mechanics are also slightly different in that, rather than only training or honing their dancing, vocals, and rap skills, the trainees’ physical strength will be put to the test.

The show will feature 45 contestants who will be put through extensive training by the coaches. Only trainees who reach the top of the pyramid will be given the opportunity to make their debut.

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