Cravity returns with ‘Gas Pedal,’ a powerful and fearless track

Cravity returned in nearly seven months with their debut full-length album, “The Awakening: Written In The Stars,” released Thursday evening, in the hopes of hitting the August music charts.

The eight-song collection is an album about how the band intends to trek toward their destiny, according to the band, who held an online press conference on Thursday.

The album’s debut track, “Gas Pedal,” is a song that, according to Se-rim, demonstrates how the up-and-coming rookie group intends to establish their position in the music scene. “Our title tune, coupled with our dynamic performance, illustrates how Cravity has evolved and matured over the past year since our debut,” the band’s frontman and main rapper stated.

The nine musicians also released a clip of their new song “Veni Vidi Vici” to demonstrate that their musical tastes have broadened. The bandmates wore all-red outfits and sang along to the rock-based tune, which combines a lively beat with exciting guitar sounds. The song, as the name implies, instills confidence and a desire to move forward.

The nine members also expressed their delight at the prospect of releasing their first album. The boys agreed that all of the prints and songs they’ve issued since their debut are essential, but their feelings were slightly shifted by the release of their latest album.

Releasing a full-fledged album was at the top of my bucket list, and I’d always wondered when I’d be able to cross it off. And, to add a little more, the term ‘full-length album’ has a unique connotation,” Won-jin explained. The main vocalist and dancer went on to say that he is personally pleased with the group’s start, describing his feelings as “going up a gigantic mountain.”

For “Gas Pedal,” Se-rim and Allen made their lyric writing debuts. When crafting the lines, the duo noted that “running toward something till the very end” was a huge motivation. “As the song comes to a close, there’s a lyric that says, ‘Just keep pushing forward.’ I wanted to indicate that Cravity will never end, that our road is only going forward,” Se-rim explained.

Allen compared his lyrics to stomping on the gas pedal. “No one can stop you if you’re at that level,” he continued, “and that’s how our group will progress over time.”

Seong-min expressed his excitement for the music video that will be released later.

We met the director before we started shooting our clip, and he told us it would be a futuristic ‘Matrix’-style piece,” he explained.

Hyeong-jun, the group’s main dancer and vocalist, expressed his hope that music fans will note how the group has developed in terms of theatrical presentation.

As a performer, I believe we have come a long way in terms of demonstrating our stage presence and taking it to the next level,” he continued.

We have incorporated the term ‘dare’ this time for our album as well,” Jung-mo added. The lead vocalist also revealed that the main song’s choreography is on a higher level than the band’s past dance maneuvers.

Se-rim, in ending the event, stated that the group hopes to highlight nine distinct characteristics that each individual possesses. “There is collaboration, which is our strength when the nine of us come together as one.” The leader went on to say that the group would keep making good songs and performing in a steady manner.

Akshita Agrawal is a passionate Bollywood, Hollywood, and K-pop content writer, currently working at Clout News as an Entertainment journalist.

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