Mark Ruffalo And Scott Evans React To Chris Evans’ Leaked Pic News

Mark Ruffalo And Scott Evans React To Chris Evans’ Leaked Pic

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Time icon September 14, 2020

Chris Evans recently posted an accidental NSFW photo of himself and created quite a stir. His brother Scott Evans and fellow Avengers co-star, Mark Ruffalo teased him.

Mark took to his social media to support his “bro”. He tweeted on September 12 that there is nothing Chris can do to embarrass himself as long as Trump is in office. He wrote, “@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See … silver lining.”

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Chris’ brother also poked with his own joke on Sunday. He tweeted he was off social media the day before and asks what did he miss. After Chris’ leaked nude photo, he became a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday. The Avengers actor had posted a video via his Instagram Story of himself and some friends playing a game of Heads Up.

However, at the end of the clip, it showed the actor’s camera roll. His gallery included a black-and-white photo of a penis that fans assumed was his. The camera roll also included a picture of Chris with the words “Guard That P–sy.”

Fans also poked fun at the accidental leak and wrote, Chris Evans did nothing wrong he just saw marvel stans asking for content it’s our fault for not being more specific.” Another fan wrote that Chris Evans decided to save 2020 by leaking his own nudes. However, many fans came to his rescue because they know he has an issue with anxiety.

Chris’ Fans Support Him

A fan tweeted asking for help from other fans to report Chris Evans tweets where the actual screenshots are seen. The user wrote, “Please help me to report Chris Evans tweets where the screenshots are seen and better spread the positive tweets because a person like him deserves to be respected and more so being the incredible person he is.”

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The user further added we are his family and he needs his fandom and ended with, “He is a good guy.” Another fan wrote, “Everyone talking about Chris Evans leaking his own nudes needs to really not spread that video around. You’re violating his privacy after he realized and deleted it. yall really need to not spread that around.”

Many other fans shifted the focus on Chris and his dog. Soon, photos of Chris and his dog, Dodger started circulating. Fans also shared pictures of him contributing to charity work and being a gentleman to women.

Chris previously dated actress Jenny Slate, whom he split from in 2018. The actor was linked to Lily James in July after he and the Baby Driver star, 31, were spotted together twice in London.

Chris Evans revealed earlier that he used his role as Captain America to attract politicians to his passion project. Evans revealed, in an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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The actor established a website that lets lawmakers explain political issues and legislation. The site is called A Starting Point. He described it as a ‘civic engagement platform’. It allows politicians to speak about everything from artificial intelligence to education and the environment.

Evans’ Passion Project

Questions about budgeting, finance, taxes, and more will be answered by participating politicians. Evans hopes that this site will help people to understand emerging laws and policies. He saw the idea as a win for everyone involved. Although he says it took him a lot of work to earn politicians’ trust.

Evans revealed convincing people was difficult and described it as an ‘uphill battle’. He said initially he just thought of writing a letter and said who would not want to be a part of this. The actor explained but they were trying to cultivate a new relationship. He said they have nothing to show just words and there was apprehension.

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In a video, Evans talks to an unknown figure and says there are so many celebrities that have been successful at tricking members of Congress. He assures them that he would be happy to get a coffee or jump on the phone.

‘There were some people I thought would participate who wanted to nothing to do with us,’ he told Seth, not naming names. ‘And there were some people that I thought never in a million years would sit down with us, and they showed up and answered everything.’

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