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Twitch Streamer xQc Faces Fifth Ban Of His Career But There’s A Plot Twist

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, xQc faced a ban on the platform recently. It was nothing new for him because in the past, he has faced similar bans for violations of Twitch policies.

xQc has endured four bans in the past to be precise. The recent ban on his Twitch channel was the fifth one but it did not last long. The streamer’s Twitch channel was back up and running after less than 5 hours.

Possible Reason For xQc’s Ban

Fans have no clue as to why Twitch took this move and immediately revoked the decision as well. However, critics and experts believe that the streamer faced the ban due to the use of Kanye West’s DONDA Album in one of his streams recently.

Recently one of the biggest streamers of the platform xQc took to his Twitter handle and tagged Kanye West in a tweet asking for permission from the rapper to stream his song on Twitch.

xQC Tried Reaching Out To Kanye West

xQc wrote in the tweet “I love the music and I want to share your art with my community on Twitch. Can I watch/react to the Donda event live on stream?” Have a look below

However, it is not a surprise that Kanye did not reply to the request. The streamer went on to play the Donda album to his Twitch community and later deleted the VOD. But this doesn’t make him any safe from a ban on his channel.

The DCMA has all the authority to ban his Twitch channel on grounds of policy violation. What happens next is yet to be seen. In July, xQc has already been hit with a DMCA ban for rebroadcasting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The streamer has not commented on the ban as of now and this is certainly going to be a hot topic in the chat during his next stream. Tell us in the comments what you think could be the possible reason for xQC facing his fifth ban?


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