Ludwig Reacts To A YouTube Comment That He Made Ten Years Ago

Ludwig is one of the most talented and famous streamers on Twitch. With a massive fan following, his streams are always fun and entertaining.

In one of his latest streams, Ludwig reacted to a comment that he made ten years ago under a YouTube video. Mind you this was the time when he was still in high school.

Early Days Of YouTube

YouTube’s early days saw some of the best content creators that the planet has ever witnessed and they continue to entertain us even today. Some of the early content creators on YouTube were PewDiePie, Rhett and Link, and Epic Rap Battles of History’.

While the channel ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’ is still relevant and good-going even today, Ludwig has an embarrasing memory associated with it. In the embarrassing comment, Ludwig made10 years ago the streamer is seen asking for a “troll” musician mashup.

What Was Ludwig’s Comment?

His comment said: “Rick Astley vs Rebecca Black. The world’s worst, most troll-friendly song.”

After coming across the comment which he made when he was just 16 years old, Ahgren exploded in laugher and said: “No way, that’s so embarrassing! I can’t believe that exists. Why is that the first thing they show? I don’t wanna see that!”

However, the streamer still felt that his comment was relevant and he added: “That’s actually a good one, that’s a good idea”

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