Lovelyz Ryu Sujeong Preps To Go Solo As Mijoo Lands Antenna’s Christmas Album

Lovelyz Ryu Sujeong Preps To Go Solo As Mijoo Lands Antenna’s Christmas Album

Ryu Sujeong is the next Lovelyz member to go solo, according to reports. Fans were outraged last month when it was revealed that Lovelyz just had one month left on their contract and hadn’t performed in over a year. Woollim Entertainment, their label, was chastised for ignoring the females. Finally, on November 1; it was reported that with the exception of the group’s leader, Baby Soul; none of the other members of Woollim had renewed their contracts.

The girl group’s disbandment looked to be the next logical step. While fans were upset that the female group was forced to break up due to no fault of their own; they were relieved that the members could finally pursue what they wanted. JIN and Jisoo complained that they had begged Woollim for a comeback and that they had lost; who they were as idols because they had been apart for so long. Lovelyz disbanded after their contracts expired on November 16th.

Fans, on the other hand, are ecstatic because word of members such as Mijoo going solo broke the next day. The members of Lovelinus (Lovelyz’s fandom) were scouted by major entertainment agencies in less than a day; which impressed Lovelinus.

On November 17, a day after disbanding, Mijoo revealed that she would be pursuing a solo career. While she is the lead dancer for Lovelyz, she is also a TV personality and entertainer who enjoys hosting shows and events. As a result, fans were overjoyed that she had joined the Antenna Music company; which also includes singer Sam Kim and TV personality Yoo Jae-suk.

You Hee-yeol, a great vocalist, created the label. Mijoo also received her first solo project on November 23. ‘See You Here Again Next Winter,’; a Christmas carol CD by Antenna, will be published on December 1 at 6 p.m. KST (4 am ET).

In addition to Mijoo’s great announcement, another Lovelyz member is going solo. Ryu Sujeong, the group’s lead vocalist, has expressed interest in going solo. It’s been rumoured that she’s in talks with the record company Flex M about signing with them. They are a music label that is part of the Kakao Entertainment conglomerate.

And they worked on Soyou and Jukjae’s ‘On The Road’ Christmas album and have signed talents; including Lim Hanbyul. Sujeong debuted as a solo artist in 2020 with her album ‘Tiger Eyes.’

Sujeong is the fourth member of Lovelyz to go on a solo career. On the same day as Mijoo, it was announced that Baby Soul would be resuming her solo career with Woollim. Her real name is Lee Sujeong, and she intends to use it. Jiae had signed with YG Kplus and would be active as a singer and actor, it was reported a day later, on November 18. Furthermore, rumours surfaced on November 23 that Jisoo had met with Mystic Story and is interested in pursuing a career as an actor. ‘Urban Myths,’ her upcoming K-drama, will premiere in December.

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