Lil Tay “Fighting For Her Life” As Instagram Posts Reveal Physical & Mental Abuse

After a year of silence from the social media influencer, Lil Tay, it has finally been revealed what went down. The influencer was sharing concerning series of posts to her Instagram either as stories or posts.

However, the silence is broken and it has been revealed what happened to her. Lil Tay had risen to fame online just like Bad Bhabie and Woah Vicky. She flexed her cash, luxury cars, and“bad” attitude in viral videos. But it was later revealed these luxuries that the influencer flaunted were not her own.

This was the cause for her mother to lose her job over the entire situation. There was footage of Lil Tay’s brother, Jason that showed him directing her off-camera. This was the reason behind the ignition of the FreeLilTay movement online. FreeLilTay has been doing the rounds since the shocking Instagram post.

After the silence for an entire year on social media, Tay’s Instagram account teased an announcement on April 23. This contains damning claims against her father and stepmother. There are also claims that the GoFundMe account that has been set up for her was by her sibling. According to a post, Tay’s father has requested custody, money, and control over her career.

The shocking post also claims that the influencer’s father and stepmother are physically and mentally abusive towards her. this has caused Tay to fall into depression. The Instagram post revealed about the court battle has shown a video of the star from 2018 crying after being informed that her father had requested custody of her.

GoFundMe Page Set Up For Lil Tay As Posts Claim She Has No Money

The GoFundMe page set up aims to raise funds for Tay’s legal fees as her mother fights for custody. There were series of posts as it explained the situation and the silence of Tay for a year. The post with the video of her crying informed fans that she has no money left anymore. It read that Tay has “no money left to pay lawyers for fighting for her freedom, her father has stolen everything from her.”

The post further revealed that she has been physically and mentally abused by her father and his current wife. This is the reason why there is a GoFundMe page where the donation will help her fight for her freedom. It urges fans to help as it reads, “You are Tay’s last hope in saving her from a life of abuse.”

Yet another post revealed that Chris Hope does not have custody of Tay but he has taken all of her money. The post further revealed that everything fans saw was just speculation because her father has silenced Tay through the legal system from speaking out about the truth. It further revealed that Chris has no explanation for using more than $400,000 in owed child support expenses.

The Instagram post also had two videos attached to it which saw Chris being asked about blackmailing and him ignoring the question. It also read, “he came to our house to drop off his “settlement proposal” for court, which details that all his owed child support must be waived.” The caption further revealed how Chris is trying to gain control of her life and custody.

Tay’s Brother Urges Fans To Take The Matter Seriously

It further urged fans, “Tay is truly in need of your help. This is not a marketing scheme, this is not a joke. If he gains custody of her again he will abuse her just like how the GoFundMe details it.” There was yet another post the next hour which saw a series of photos including Chris and his wife vacationing. Some of the photos also saw which seemed like gifts from brands like Louis Vuitton possibly bought by Chris for his wife.

The caption revealed, “Chris Hope and his wife have been living a lavish lifestyle and going on Vacations all off of Tay’s money, this is only 1% of the pictures I could get ahold of, notice how Tay is in none of them. They have abused Tay her whole life and now they are living off of the millions they stole from her.”

It also shared that people are also saying not to donate to the GoFundMe page because his brother is running it. The caption then explains that all of this is written by her brother as he clarified, “I am not the beneficiary of the GoFundMe, There is no option for me to withdraw anything from it. Tay legitimately needs help.”

He explained that he is writing on his sister’s page because Chris has silenced her as he said that the post contains pictures of the absentee father and his wife vacationing. Another shocking post hours later had a series of pictures of Tay looking seemingly injured. Her brother revealed this is what Chris did to Tay. He further claimed that her father beat her and made her watch horror movies, dragged her, and locked her in a closet.

Her brother then said that nobody is donating and he understands that because there is stigma around his name and he is hosting the fundraiser. He wrote, “GoFundMe has a 100% guarantee policy that eliminates fake fundraisers, Tay has been beaten and abused by Chris Hope and Hanee Hope and I do not want to see it happen again.”

The caption further shared that Lil Tay does not wish for her father to control her life. He claimed that Chris has done nothing but destroy her life. Her brother wrote, “He has stripped her of everything. He has taken EVERY last penny.”

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