Lifestyle Influencer Pritesh Meher Is All Set To Rock The Internet, Reveals His Future Plans!

It has not even been 10 years when Instagram was launched. In less than a decade, the social media app has helped many people make their career through it. While many believed that one should work and progress according to the age, the internet has proved that there’s no right time to be an influencer. Pritesh Meher, 24 is an emerging lifestyle influencer who hails from Pune. A mediocre student who was decent in academics was confused about his career choice. In this modern world, the internet helped him make a career in it. Pritesh is someone who does not want to do a desk job. He believes to work for himself and it seems that he has made the right choice by being an influencer.

The influencer is already in talks with many brands and what makes him different is his thinking towards his goal. Pritesh has not restricted himself to only one category. He aims to be an influencer catering to all categories right from fashion, travel, fitness, lifestyle, food and so on. “I am already working towards my goal and things are in process. I can’t reveal much about my work now but I am sure to make an entry with a bang on the internet. Let’s hope for the best.” We wonder what newness Pritesh will offer to his audience through his content. In this cut-throat competitive world, one thing is clear that every individual has come out with some unique content on the internet.

Besides this, the 24-year old influencer is fond of cars and his dream car is Rolls Royce. When asked about facing competition, he was quoted saying, “There is competition in every field. You cannot back out thinking with the fear of what the consequence would be. Trying is more important rather than regretting for the rest of life.” That’s absolutely true and we totally agree with his words. Having said that, our best wishes are with Pritesh Meher and we hope that he becomes another successful influencer people can look up to.